Monday, June 3, 2013

A meal plan and weekend fun.

Weekend goodness.....I've been a proud Floridian lately, the weather has just been too beautiful.  We sat out with our grandparents before dinner soaking up the breeze and sun in awe that June has brought anything that can be described as "cool".  Our night walks with our pup have been in the 60s which is Florida's winter weather.  Just so beautiful.  

A photo dump of all of the weekend's shenanigans....

A trip to Cigar City Brew Pub to celebrate a birthday and anniversary....and indulged in their Guava Cask Ale...Yum.
The birthday boy was gifted with the trophy from last season's Fantasy Football League.  This season I will dominate and he will never see it again.

She is secretly telling me to get my hair cut.  I know.
a too hot latte to sip while getting eaten up by mosquitoes on the porch
Meet Blue, Luke's cousin and new best friend
Non-stop playing for two days
A short chopstick tutorial at Yummy House
Chinese food for good.
No one else wanted to order every vegetable on the menu and share that with me on the lazy susan so I just got a giant plate of bok choy.  It was delicious.
Sunday evening of the most lovely nights I've been too....the clouds were so beautiful.
Post yoga drinks and birthday celebration for a 62 year old, soon to be fluent in German friend. 

Love my German friends

Not many updates on FCA lately, the kids are ending their school year and have already had their last club meetings.  We have 32 students scholarship-ed to go to Leadership Camp this summer which I am so pumped about.  Pray they will learn to be good and effective leaders, sometimes you wonder if some "Christian" leaders have any Jesus left in them they are so corrupt.  Along these lines, we have about 20 coaches and their spouses scholarship-ed for a Coaches summit in Sarasota to better learn how to demonstrate Christ to their young athletes and encourage them in the coming year.  It is so amazing to see how God has provided this money for these kids and coaches.  Your money is not wasted! 

Because of more free time than usual I'm committing to be a better food planner. 

Lately our eating schedule has been so off kilter that it would not be shocking if I ate baby carrots and an apple for lunch (my sad sack lunch today) and whatever vegetable comes in a microwave and steam able pouch with leftover rice for dinner.  Not that that is a unhealthy lunch but I think my family is getting sick of the same thing every night.  I will make a big pot of rice for the week which will be used in 3 of the meals.

On the menu for this week....

Tacos (I use corn tortillas, lentils/almond stir fried with taco seasoning, lettuce, cilantro rice and tomato/corn salsa)

Grilled veggie plate over cilantro rice (zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, onion, and portebellos)

Cauliflower "rice" with curried red lentils

Falafel pie with salad - similar to this but I'm making my own falafel and not using a mix....

Black Bean Soup and cilantro rice in the crock pot

$45 grocery haul for the week plus three herb plants

We usually go out to dinner one night a week (recently this has been way more than that) and that saves another night for leftovers, or cereal, which is sometimes preferable.  This also prevents me from cooking what I feel like every night (Indian) and giving my husband a taste aversion to curry.  There is one curry meal on the plan this week which is a victory for our household. 

Everything on the plan (except for the black bean soup which I make in the crock pot) can be finished in about 30 minutes too which makes a big difference between hungry and hangry and I got all of the food for the week except for milk which I don't buy at the vegetable market for $45.  That includes three herb plants too which I love having around when I want to sprinkle a pound of cilantro on everything I eat.

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