Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer is so here.

I got these cone shaped popsicle molds at the dollar store last year.  I don't have a real recipe but the best  pops I've made are Avocado Lime and they were awesome.  I'll have to get some avocados at the market this week and try to come with a good recipe. 

I still have so many frozen strawberries from picking in February so I defrosted almost four cups and blended them with the juice of two limes, added half a pack of Stevia, and a tablespoon of rum.  Then I just poured them into the mold and froze.  Just run warm water over the mold to slide out.  Perfect for sitting on your porch in our current weather or just watching Game of Thrones on the couch.  Whatever.

I've been clamoring for some rocking chairs since we moved to Seminole Heights.  All of the cool houses have them on their porches and ours did not.  And really, what is worse than being 28 and not cool? 

Since our latest swing upgrade, the other porch chairs just weren't going to cut it.  These beauties came from lots of scouring Craigslist (for years).  And, oh, how I love them.  They are a little banged up but nothing some sandpaper and a screw driver can't fix.  They also draw more attention or our porch's need to be painted.  Yikes.

Too bad every mosquito in the city has descended on our porch and we can't enjoy them unless we bathe in DEET.  And too bad Matt doesn't think a third ear is attractive or I totally would.

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