Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keeping it in the hood.

I tried making almond butter yesterday and it did not process the way peanuts do.  I let mine run for about 6-8 minutes (the time my peanut butter starts to turn into a butter) and it was still too crumbly so I added two tablespoons of coconut oil.  That didn't help.  Then I added two tablespoons of water.  Then I added 2 tablespoons of molasses.  Then I added about two teaspoons of vanilla.  Now it was becoming very clay-like but not very buttery-like. 

It was very good though.  It tasted like an almond version of the inside of a Reese's cup.  So probably not the picture of health and, sadly, not the stuff I layer bananas over on my sandwiches. 

A friend gave me some advice on Facebook about almond butter requiring 20 minutes of processing time (versus my 10 minutes), taking time to scrape down the sides.  Round two coming up.

Because almond butter/banana sandwiches were not in our future, Ella's was a good plan B.  We met my aunt and uncle for some deliciously local dinner. 

I pinch myself that I'm lucky enough to live a mile away from one of the best restaurants in Tampa. 

Ella's is solid too. 

The burger I got was $11 for something I could eat half of and it came with the tastiest sweet potato fries for nothing extra.  I actually don't think they have regular fries though.  The veggie patty was topped with onion straws, some fine guacamole, curry sauce, and pea shoots.  The bun looks house made but I'm not sure.  It was good.  And we discovered their happy hour.  $3 drafts? 

Yes, please, thank you, on my way.

At half of my burger and almost half of my fries left, I should have stopped eating.  But the fries were too good. 

Luke thought it looked good too and was mad we didn't take him.  He knows they allow dogs and I know he loves sweet potatoes. 

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