Friday, June 21, 2013

Wine over the bridge.

Last night a bunch of girls and I got to go to Mazzaro's, a St. Pete gem that I'd heard a lot about but never been (I don't eat meat or cheese so a deli is never really my thing) but it was really fun and I ate my weight in olives and dried tomatoes (and maybe some really delicious wine).  And Yelp invited us so it was bound to be fun.

Obviously, my little car did not want to be embarrassed, so we skipped the front spot.

First we walked around and tried different cheeses, eat proudly displaying their practically ancient status.  This cheese was older than me.  And I'm old.

There was an olive oil sampling station which was stellar.  Olive oils taste different depending on the olive variation and time spent chillin' in the barrel they were aged in.  We also tried some vinegars that made me want to break out a straw.  Everything was so good.  The wines, oils, and cheeses were all in a brick cellar-ish part of the shop and it smelled very "aged cheese" like.  The whole vibe felt very Italian (a country where I've never been- so you really should trust me). It was pretty busy around the time we got there but they let us drink our wine and eat some in the kitchen which felt pretty exclusive.  I love feeling fancy.

This guy was an evening superstar.  He was responsible for manning the cotton candy machine. 

He wrapped pretzel sticks in bacon, deep fried it, and swirled it in the cotton candy machine.  What the what.  America, this is why we can't have nice things.  We fry stuff and sugar it and then eat too much of it.  I think it was salted at the end too.  Oui.

You know it was a good evening when there are boxes of  empty Prosecco bottles lined up at the door. 

And my brand of good time fun is unlimited olives.  I love them so hard.

And my pals for the night....beautiful friends that help you out when your husband isn't home. 

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