Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Short and sweet but kinda salty

Beautiful pizza.  Oh, how I miss thee.

This was pretty good though.

Here's how it goes...

Set your oven as hot as it will go.  I chickened out around 485 degrees.  Our oven gets hotter but we live in a wood frame house built in 1926 and it's the size of shoebox.  I just think something inside of a house that old and that small shouldn't get that hot.

The dough.  The dough can make a pizza with the best intentions kind of terrible.  If you are really cool you can make your own dough.  It's pretty easy but if you aren't up for it Publix makes some wicked good dough and it's on sale this week.  They sell their whole wheat dough too but just save that for your PB & J because it isn't 1/10 as tasty as their regular white french dough.  Split in two and brush on some oil (olive would be delicious but I got about a gallon of coconut oil from the co-op so I used that).  I sprinkled chopped garlic, tomatoes, some kale pesto, eggplant, salt and pepper.  After about 10 minutes in the hot oven, Matt picked some basil for the top.  Perfect.

*If you aren't game to try a cheeseless pizza (you should though, it is so good!) always always always use fresh mozzarella.  It melts beautifully and is completely different from the shredded kind.    Friends don't let friends buy part-skim mozzarella. 

  I reserved a seat in the back of the class last night for spin and then cancelled because now I'm scared I'm going to hurt my back again.  Is this normal?  What is not normal is how instead of spinning my way back to sweet sweet happiness I sat around the house eating pizza and watching the end of American Horror Story.  I may have also craved one of these which definitely isn't normal.

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