Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some good things.

Remember when I used to juice all the time?  I hardly remember.  I missed my precious juicer.

Such a steamy summer calls for something more refreshing than my standard recipes and while I love to add soda water to my juice, adding some coconut La Croix seemed decadent and very appropriate for the hot days we've been having.

One apple, one small beet, and two lemons. 

Last night we had salads fashioned after Vietnamese spring rolls.  At the place we get them, they come with noodles, lettuce, marinated vegetables, cilantro, basil, shrimp or tofu and they are dipped in a peanut sauce that is salty and sweet. 

I thinly sliced some cabbage, then layered rice noodles, marinated vegetables (carrots, jalapeno, and cucumber), cilantro, and crushed peanuts.  I made a vinaigrette out of sriratcha, hoisin sauce, a teaspoon of PB2 which is basically just powdered peanut butter, and apple cider vinegar.  This would have been the perfect summer salad if I'd remembered to strain out the coriander seeds from marinated vegetables before serving.  They are grosssssssssss.

Today is a super busy day.  It's not light outside and I've already downed two cups of coffee.  And I've been meaning to share a super secret regarding coffee but keep forgetting to photograph the steps.  It is probably less of a secret than I think it is, I'm usually last to board the "trend train" but I've discovered cold brewed coffee and it's amazing.  It is less acidic, so easy, and it makes your kitchen smell amazing. Hot coffee will make a comeback in the fall but for now, this is just too good. 

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