Thursday, August 1, 2013

Getting back out there.

The first day of August.  I've taken most of July off of working out and ain't nobody got time for that.  I have a half marathon in two months-ish and NEED to get back out there.  This morning Luke and I took a long walk to kick off a month of activity.

Lemons were on sale at the market and I bought a big bag knowing I could use my juicer to make some lemonade.

To juice-
One cup of fresh strawberries
ten lemons

I made some simple syrup with two cups of water and one cup of sugar.  I just added the lemon/strawberry juice and streamed in the syrup, tasted it, and added water to taste.  We have a bountiful basil plant in our yard that I chopped up and stirred in.  So refreshing.

Dinner was a repeat from a couple weeks ago.  Green soup with paninis.  I had a wrap because Luke ate my sandwich bread from the kitchen counter.  He was probably looking out for me though as I'm spending all weekend in a bathing suit.  Thanks buddy.

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