Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mondays don't have to be the worst.

Mondays are always kind of manic and sad but when you get off work early, and you get to make a birthday cake, and you get to lick the spoon, and you get to eat dinner with friends, and hit your favorite bar afterwards, it's kind of the best.  I want to start planning super fun things on Mondays from now on. 

It's become kind of a tradition to eat at Yummy House for Matt's Birthday...Everyone orders one dish and everyone shares their meal and EVERYONE goes home with a box of take out.  It is just so much food.  So delicious though.  It is the best Chinese food around. 

My Summer Bucket List victories....
1.)  Beach running- A sweaty four miles with Scott, he's doing the Tough Mudder in September.  Bless em'. 
2.) Fireworks on the beach- It happened but it rained and I was unable to capture it's magnificence.  I also forgot I bought sparklers and they are sitting on my kitchen counter still. 
3.) Ft. Desoto Dog Beach with my pup- I want to back right now.

4.) Ft. Desota beach camping Rainbow River Tubing!
5.) Front Yard Overhaul- Kind of.  We replaced some fence posts in June and thought they'd magically turn the same gray distressed hue as the other fence posts in a couple weeks.  We are el stupido.  Matt bought some gray stain and now they look the same crappy gray.  Victory!  I also weeded, bought some planters for our herb garden and we picked out some plants for the yard to plant in August/September.  And I made my own bug repellant so I can enjoy the yard more.  

6.) BBQ sauce makin'-  Double tallies for this one as we made two varieties.  A vinegary mustard based sauce and a tomato based sweet sauce.  Pretty much everything is better with barbeque sauce.
7.) Cigar City Brewery Tour The only time I've starting drinking beer before noon.  Worth it. 
8.) Spin spin spin- Does four classes count? 
9.) Lutz 5K- I actually forgot about it.  Womp womp. 

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