Monday, August 12, 2013

Beautiful community.

I forgot my breakfast at home and I am not going to let it ruin my day.
It will NOT ruin my day.
It will NOT.
You know your life is very sweet when you are convincing yourself the entire commute to work that missed oats will possibly ruin your entire day. 
I went to a funeral service on Saturday and as I sat in the church that I grew up in, in a building that has served a venue to lock ins, weddings, baby dedications, and funerals I saw such a beauty in the church community.  Living life together even though we disagree on so many things, as most people do (let me know when you've discovered the group of people where everyone agrees on everything) and coming together to celebrate a life that was lived and support the family left behind.  To have such a somber event in the same building that has celebrated the marriage of two people, or been the building where I met my husband, or the place where we have a Christmas Even service every year, such joy and such sadness all taking place in the same walls with the same people.  It transitions seamlessly from event to event as life goes on.  I've been thinking a lot about community lately.  What that means in life, how important it is, in your neighborhood, your friendships, your church, your family....For introverts and people with problems of pride, like myself, relying on others is tough to do, but can it be had? 
It might be helping others when they are unable to cook for themselves by bringing them food, mowing their lawn, watching their dog.  It could be picking up garbage left by others in your neighborhood or feeding the homeless man on the corner of Hillsborough and Central every Sunday morning.  It could be watching your favorite TV show with others that share your love for it (I'm looking at you, Breaking Bad), and even growing vegetables for the sole purpose of providing organic food to those that feed their family off of food stamps and don't have access to anything fresh.  While it certainly means helping others, it also means, accepting others help and assistance when you are in need which is where I continually find myself but hardly ever accept assistance. 
Our church's community garden.
So on this note.....can someone bring me my breakfast from home?  It is sitting on my counter all alone and I'm sure my dog would love the extra cuddles if you pass by.  Thanks in advance.  :)
Other than some revelations about living with other people happily, I spent most of the weekend curled up in a ball in front of my TV watching shark documentaries.  Other than some waves of bliss when my stomach wasn't trying to eat it's way out of my body, that is where I was parked for 48 hours.  Perhaps the reason of my stomachs revolt against my body was my convincing myself that my lazy summer has ended, marathon training is starting on Monday and I needed to get in gear. 
I woke up Saturday and mowed the lawn......with this beast of a mower. 
I had lunch with a friend, went to the funeral service.........and my resolve to get moving started crumpling away as the day went on.  Oui.  So glad for Netflix and Ginger Ale and a little puppy that knows when I don't feel well.
Surprising to me, I woke up Sunday feeling fresh and ready to get after it for two miles in my running shoes, those dusty sneakers that were meant for actual running and not more weeding my flower beds and leisurely walks through my 'hood.  I felt good.  I felt amazing.  It was hot and I didn't care.  I loved the sweat getting in my eyes and my pup trailing along at my side.  Even if it were only two miles, it felt so good to run. 
Until about a quarter of a mile from my house when I almost had a terrible accident.  Stomach problems are THE WORST and I surprised myself by my speed in getting home. 
bloody socks never felt so good.
I was feeling pretty good about today until I left my breakfast at home.  But that is NOT going to ruin my day.  I have yoga and some strength training on my calender and I will do it.  Jillian Michaels and I have a date this evening. 

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