Monday, August 19, 2013

Run run run.

A good weekend.  I had three miles on my calender for Saturday they were pretty brutal.  I was literally sucking wind.  Awful.  Sweat in my eyes awful. But I was so excited to feel no pain in my back it was worth it. 

I had a pretty sweet date waiting at the other end of my run though.  A friend of mine is part of an area yacht club and we pretended we were fancy all day by laying by sailboats, ordering lunch by the pool.  As much as we pretended to be fancy adults it was hard to act mature when it was so hot and we would run back and forth from our chairs to the pool every ten minutes. 

Sailboats are so beautiful. 

Because my run on Saturday was so hot, you'd think I'd get up a little earlier for my run on Sunday, one, because that would be smart, and two, because I had to run five miles according to my training schedule, which would bring me farther into the day, and therefore, the heat .  I still decided to not be smart and started running at 8am.  Boo.  But I finished five miles and felt good.

1,2,3,4,5, thank you very much. 

And I didn't die.  And my prayers have started for it to cool down a little. 

We don't get AMC at our house but we have some rocking amazing friends that do and invite me over to watch Breaking Bad.  I get to hang with their super awesome daughter, Charlotte Blake too.  The juxtaposition of grungy meth cookers and sweet baby girls is jolting though.  Gotta keep that balance yo.

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