Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2....I want all of the food.

Second week of marathon training is in the books.....and I'm tired and hungry.

Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- Rest
Thursday- 7 miles
Saturday- 9 miles
Sunday- 2 miles

Please don't count my rest days.  They were not all scheduled correctly but I have stuff to do.  The 2 miles on Sunday wasn't on my plan but I felt really sore and tight and believe it or not, running really slow (like slower than my usual brand of slow; more like walking with more bounce) helps me feel better.  I was less tight and less sore for the remainder of the day.

I signed up for two more races last week, the Gasparilla Classic (a 15K) and another trail run in April that is a 10K and one of my favorites of the year.  It goes right along the Hillsborough River and last year I ran it with my dad.

Funny story about that race.  He runs really fast and I run really slow and it's embarrassing when your dad who has had a knee replacement and turns 60 this year runs faster than you.  Anyway, he really wanted to sprint the last 100 yards but because I was completely winded from running 6 miles faster than I am capable of, so I told him to go ahead while I took my sweet time to the finish line.

And then the timekeeper switched our times.

I love timekeepers that switch your time with someone faster.

And then post it on the Internet...FOREVER.

I wish that happened more often.

This week it is supposed to get cold in Tampa.  "Cold", I guess being relative to where you live, but "cold" meaning lows of 40 degrees to me.  I have no cold weather running clothes so my workout attire gets rather creative when the temp dips below 50 degrees.  Think sweatshirts from college that Luke has ripped holes in plus some "sweatpants" that I got from Old Navy online during a sale that I only thought were "sweatpants" but ended up being more like Jams.

Matt calls them my "Yoga Jams".  And they are pretty ridiculous.

Good thing I have a fleece onsie I won from from a Christmas party I can wear.

My neighbors have much to look forward to this week.

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