Monday, January 6, 2014

10 weeks till 26.2

Marathon training began last Thursday with a three mile run.

Mmmm, after looking at my next couple of months of running, a three mile run sounds like a day at Disney World, riding around on an electric scooter with a Disney hot cocoa in my hand and no one else in the park except for Matt and my dog (and park employees pouring us hot chocolates and letting us ride Space Mountain over and over again) <--heaven. And also a very easy day.

I know I'm normally a genius but because I didn't correctly judge my time to train in relation to the day of my marathon (March 15th) I have ten weeks to get in shape.


Especially after a super fantastically delicious Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year.

There was a lot of feasting, drinking, and repeating.

Both of those champagne toasts were probably mine.

That brought me to Saturday with 13 miles on my schedule. Double woof. My last run was in NC and totaling a whopping five miles which I kept pretending was actually ten because it was on hills and hills are hard.

Yeah, I'm ready to tattoo "tough stuff" on my butt cheek because of my generally hardcore nature.

I was complaining about this (I should clarify, as I complain of many things, I was complaining about my 13 miles the next morning) on our way to dinner on Friday night and my super awesome friend told me she'd come along for half to keep me company and from collapsing. Friends are awesome.

I woke up late because the stars aligned in my favor and extended the cold front towards the afternoon to which I took full advantage of and I got to sleep in. I ran two miles with Luke,`2.5 miles to my friends house, 6 miles round trip to Tampa Bay Times Forum, and the 2.5 back to my house. Because the entire run was split up, it seemed to fly by. And we still got a runner's high upon finishing AND I got to high five someone other than my dog.

Tampa seems smaller when you can run from your house to your cities' downtown and back. We thought yoga seemed swell on Sunday evening until the instructor decided to take us through thousands of lounges and squats and our legs were shaking like a Polaroid picture terribly. Again, can't wait to get that tattoo. Yoga is tough y'all.

Today is another 3 miles which sounds just lovely. After a season of divulging in decadence I'm kind of craving kale, kale, and more kale so that I don't feel (or look like) a slug anymore.

Kale Protein Smoothie

Steamed Kale with Carrot/Quinoa Salad from here

Cheers to a new year and my first (maybe last) marathon!

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