Monday, January 21, 2013

24 hours of the flu...

If you've never thrown up on an airplane, it is really something special.  That is all I'm going to say about that.

Our last day in the city was amazing, and included delicious street food, cheap beer from one of our favorite breweries, and lots of walking (including the Brooklyn Bridge!).  It was an awesome trip and such a blessing to be able to check off all of the things I wanted to do with Matt.  One of Matt's bandmates had a hook up with a cocktail bar in NYC and got us reservations which are hard to score in the small bar.  When we got there at 9pm there was already a two hour wait.  Death & Co. was amazing and very "New York" if that means anything to anyone but me. 


Speaking of Matt, he caught the bug I did so it's been a pretty quiet morning in the Hires' home, porch sitting, Luke cuddling, and watching the inauguration.  The first lady and daughters are wearing J Crew which makes me feel as though I have great taste.  It probably makes David and Kallie beam with American pride because they are clothes snobs.  Just kidding.  Not really though. 

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