Friday, January 18, 2013

I want to eat everything.

Seriously. Some blocks smell like garbage, but most like delicious food. And I want all of it. Lucky me, I have a seasoned New York foodie for a husband who knows what's up. If it weren't for him we'd eat Pinkberry and drink hot chocolate all day.

After walking what seemed like the entirety of Central Park, frolicking in the sweet sweet sunshine and walking its endless supply of "uphill both ways" paths (gluteus maximus those hills will hurt tomorrow), we sat down for lunch at this Israeli deli Matt goes to every time he's in town. Azuri Cafe was the business. It's the falafel I want as my last meal, a plate crafted in heaven as only can be done by God's chosen people. The owner, who was fine, even though he's very curt and I read can be rude, prepared my plate with so many layers of flavor. It was divine. And it came with homemade pita. Top that Pita Pit (just kidding, I love you).

I needed coffee to keep me functioning into the late night we had planned, so we stopped for some at Krahve. Matt was stoked because he's British and needed tea stat. Queen's orders. They had almond milk and that's all I need for a good time. Matt said it was the best tea he's had and I think he included the homeland. That's a fierce cup.

Fully charged and using our cups as heaters for our frigid hands, we made our way to Chelsea to walk the Highline, this super amazing park built on an old rail that was set to be torn down. From where we walked you could see so much of the city, the river, and New Jersey and the park itself was an incredible demonstration of how citizens can change their neighbors and make an impact in their communities. I beg it would be lovely in the summer when everything is blooming. In case you were worried about my ability to blend in a foreign climate/culture, no sweat, I just packed every item of clothing I own in black, done. If you ask nicely I will give you all of my fashion tips.

At dinner, we searched high and low for some Indian food that looked good but the overall consensus on yelp was so-so and I don't play that. I like Taco Bell so you already know how high my standards are. Matt had been to a rad Thai place on his last trip and I was hungry and it was close. Decided. Round two goes to Matt, the food came out fast and it was so good. Spicy green curry was another winner.

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