Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Check it off

I drove to pretty much every corner of Tampa Bay yesterday. I had a long to do list and the afternoon wide open. Lists are my favorite, there is something really satisfying about crossing something off.

I had some fruit and vegetables left over from my fast and I wanted to juice before we left so why not make lucky number 568765335 different kinds of juice this month? Too bad for me I forgot to put the machine together right and had a juicing meltdown. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? WHY DO I SMELL LIKE CELERY? A big fat blood sugar meltdown. At least I hadn't put the beets in yet. I would have looked like Carrie but less of a prom queen and more of a nutcase. And covered in beet juice and not blood. Life goes on.

Cash neatly separated, passports not expired, house cleaned, and Luke snuggled, we are off. My hair is twisted to the top of my head for the flight showing off my half foot of a forehead. It takes great effort and a lot of methodical application of dry shampoo to cover that on the daily. Can't wait to rip out the elastic the moment we touch down.

Side note, Matt has a song on Grey's tonight and we won't see it since we are out of the country but if you watch it give some hollering and clapping for me when it comes on.

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