Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just do it Wednesday

Another Wednesday where I have a long to do list but a good one.  Matt and I got the chance to spend the rest of the week in the Dominican Republic and however busy life seems to be during this season, my body was incapable of saying "no".  My head was nodding before my brain could process the work I'd miss or the things that needed to get done.  I still haven't fully unpacked from our Christmas trip to Denver so it was a little surreal to unpack my ski clothes and trade up for swim suits.

Matt's hair in the above picture cracks me up.  I love that man.

One of the reasons for the trip is a beach wedding on Friday evening at 4pm.  On the beach.  Invite says casual.  Which dress......

I know they don't scream excitement but I am beginning to think I am allergic to buying anything in a color.  I'm not attached to the gold necklace and will probably wear emerald earrings.  I need help! Bare feet are a requirement of the bride which is fine by me.  Also, our resort's website says that in each restaurant that beach sandals are banned.  As a Florida girl, what sandal is not a beach sandal? Is it just the flip flop?  I'm obviously pretty glam.  Any other tips on packing?  Also, I want to bring my wide brim hat and look like Sophia Loren but how do I keep it from getting crushed on the plane?  And more importantly, how do I keep my fake mole from melting in the heat?       

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