Thursday, January 17, 2013

Late but not really.

As I was talking to my boss about my flight time, I realized I'd forgotten my luggage at home. Womp womp. Not an issue at the Tampa airport though where from parking your car to waiting at your gate takes ten minutes. And I got to snuggle my dog. And recharge my phone at the gate.
I tied my hair up in this gorgeous top knot for the flight.

Yup, I graced NYC with that beauty. Anna Wintour is not impressed. For some reason my hair really struggles with planes. I call it "air hair" and it's u-g-l-y. The only solution is to wrap my hair around the crown of my head for the whole flight. When I de-board I let it loose and pretend I'm a Victoria's Secret model. Too bad the joke's on me because nobody is fooled.

Since Matt is already in the city, I braved the subways alone to get to his show. Public transportation plus luggage plus rush hour is arithmetic for a meltdown. I may have cried. Red hair don't care. It was really hard.

Matt had a showcase for some industry people and some fans that scored tickets before it sold out. It was awesome seeing the new record being played with a full band for the first time. Swoon. Bias alert, it's so good. Worth my tears to get there. I even skipped dinner to make it on time which never fares well. Must be that magic in the air.

After the show we went out with some of his band to an awesome bar that was once a church, it was really cool. Drinks are about $1000 apiece which was fun.

After going to bed at 2ish I was surprisingly energetic for 7am when I woke up. I was determined to run in Central Park, even in 28 degrees. I rallied and put together a ridiculous Florida girl cold weather running ensemble. I made it about 2.5 miles before my ungloved hands were breaking off and the snot running down my face was causing people to stare. Worth. It.

I've checked off breakfast, coffee, and forever 21 before Matt has even gotten up. I get stuff done on vacation:)


  1. Rach, your hair looks awesome in the pic with Matt!

  2. hahah! I love this! I bet you were the hottest thing running in the city!