Thursday, February 7, 2013

Advice you didn't ask for.

Thanks for all the help with my rug problem.  Yellow/Gray it is.  I read some reviews on rugs made with recycled material (that one was) and not so sure I'm digging it.  We'll see. 

I have lots of tips today because I'm just a walking wealth of information. 

Unsolicited tip #1:

I bought "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn on Audible partly because it's a best seller and mostly because the cover is cool. 

I don't know if I hated it because the narrator's voice was super annoying or the ending was terrible but I think I would have liked it more if I'd read it instead of listening to it read to me.  And it would have been better if it ended how I wanted it to end.  I understand that this is a really insightful book review and exhibits a critical analysis of all of the literary elements I used to teach my students. Next up we'll delve into The Odyssey because I really cultivated a love for the arts with that one. 

Unsolicited tip #2:

Coca-Cola Classic is precious.  Diet Coke drinkers of the world, have you tried regular Coke?  It's worth every calorie (120, exactly).  I don't keep it in our house because I would drink it all the time.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was actual cocaine in it.  It is addicting.  So I bought one can.  And I forgot to put it in the refrigerator because I'm dumb and Coca-Cola has to be ICE COLD.  BUT WITH NO ICE.  The actual temperature of the soda needs to be very very cold.  There is only one way to drink it.  With that in mind, placing the can in the freezer should have been a great idea.  If I'd remembered to drink it (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy).  Don't do this.  It explodes.  Like EXPLODES.  How Coke is capable of getting so cold to the point of expansion within the can but not freezing completely so it can spray the inside of my freezer but freeze instantly so that it makes the biggest mess possible is mind boggling. 

Unsolicited tip #3: 

I have a very serious addiction to pale pink nail polish.  An intervention is probably necessary.  Or a block on my credit card. 

Pale pink is a fickle beast as some just look like white out and some look like nothing.  You have to have a very perfect combination of pink and pale to get that glossy pale that doesn't quite match your finger because it's a shade pinker.  I still haven't found the perfect perfect one but I did find a gem of a top coat.  It dries super fast, I've been asked if I've gotten a gel manicure (the jokes on them because I will never spend $30 on a manicure), and it makes a cheap polish look great.  It's around $5-7 at Sally's Beauty Supply and it awesome.  It's called "Out the Door" by INM.

Unsolicited Tip #4: 

I've discovered the wisdom behind why men expect women's legs to be so smooth all of the time.  Their razors are freaking great.  Venus will never again swoop in with her pretty colors, ear worm of a jingle, and lure of free shaving gel with purchase.  NEVER AGAIN.  While it looks pretty masculine, this razor is the bee's knees.  Go thee to Target to stock up.  Schick Hydro 5.  No savings here, per usual razor cartridges are $100,000,000 a piece. 

Unsolicited tip #5: 

Music motivates you.  I love to run and there are some days (most days) when I just can't wait to get out the door for a run.  Then there are days when I need a pep talk, or a new sports bra (that works), or an amazing run mix.  I've had Spotify Premium for a couple months and I love it.  Seeing how we live off of Matt's income as a musician, this makes no sense because Spotify gives the artist like .004 cents for every play but I caved.  Read here for more info.  Also Spotify's website.  I get sick of music pretty quickly because I listen to a song on repeat for days but new music motivates me to run and I just made the BEST play list.  I'm fairly certain that every artist (or actor that is covering another artist) on my play list would be embarrassed by their company on said list but I ran way past what I was supposed to yesterday because I wanted to hear more songs.  Behold, a glimpse into a good mix of what I listened to in college, high school, my new Beyonce obsession (Halo may be on it three times, who knows), what I hear on TV, #1 hits, and MATT HIRES.  Shameless plug, his new album is coming out in May but Atlantic is releasing an EP soon which is going to have some songs from the album on it.   You should not listen to it on Spotify and buy it instead. 


  1. I started gone girl, got through the first section, skipped to the last chapter (because it was freaking me out and I needed to know how it ended), and was like- why did I spend the money on this?! Maybe the middle was better?

    1. T- The middle was the best part. The ending just left you desperate for justice. I can't believe you only read the first and last part though. That's hilarious!

  2. I'm pretty bummed because I just bought Gone Girl for my kindle and I haven't started reading it yet because I'm not done with Dexter is Delicious. Did I make a horrible purchase?

    Also, your freezer looks very much like mine - covered in frozen soda - thanks to my boyfriend.

    1. You should read it. Don't waste your money :) I hope I didn't spoil anything for you!!