Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzards and is weird.

I used to teach the 8th grade.  Well, I started teaching the 6th grade and did that for a year and then was moved to the 8th grade.  It was really cool because my last year teaching I got to teach the first students I'd ever taught again.  I was so excited, I don't think they were though:) 

Since I retired, I've missed teaching in some ways.  I miss my co workers and their shenanigans, I miss my students who would play tricks on me because they love me (I tell that to myself when they set my favorite stapler in jello and hand out eye patches to my entire class to wear for the day because the day before they said my outfit looked like a pirate....), and mostly I miss feeling like I'd accomplished something at the end of the year when my kids walked across the stage at graduation (at our school, we had a big graduation ceremony when you finished 8th grade, we loved to celebrate everything).  I miss seeing kids succeed.  More specifically, I miss seeing kids who have been dismissed by the world as failures succeed. 

Yesterday, I went to Hillsborough High School to meet with their FCA president and I feel like I was a  loser in high school now.  This young lady is confident and smart and while her teacher was out with the flu who was supposed to meet with us also, she held her own and discussed the FCA club at HHS, it's goals and what it has accomplished, like an adult.  Hearing this young lady talk about the different ways she sees God working in the club at Hillsborough was astounding.  Thank you Jesus for giving this young lady incredible leadership skills and love for the students at Hillsborough High School.

The world believes this generation is lazy.  All they care about are cell phones, texting, sex, and themselves.  Please know there are so many kids out there that are responsible and loving, that care about the world, it's citizens, and what goes on around them.  They are smart and they know what you think about them.   Give kids a chance, don't judge them because of their age, their clothing, or the music they listen to.  Listen to them, get to know them.  I miss working with kids, and seeing beneath their "student selves" and getting to know the real person inside.  I miss that about teaching.

Cross your fingers.  Matt got a flight home for 24 hours but it's out of Philadelphia so the chances that this blizzard will mess that up are around 100%.  And then I saw this.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

He played at a radio station yesterday afternoon so I made sure I was home at 4pm so I could watch live.  That was fun.........Luke didn't like it.  He was very confused.


In better news, this happened.  Cold, sweet, a decadent treat.  I am a water girl through and through and think that this country drinks too much soda but I love it so much.  I think maybe I think it's better because I don't have it everyday.   I also scrubbed our freezer for an hour before consuming so I'd felt I'd earned it.

An ice cold Coke after a long hot run and some freezer scrubbing is the best.  Even better if it's enjoyed on your porch.  And with your dog.  Who was tired evidently.  Just look at those arms.  If there was some kind of "longest arm" record for dogs, I'd enter Luke in.  It's absurd.  I'm pretty sure his arms are longer than his legs. 

I have a good recipe for you that isn't good for you.  It's really really good though and it requires a juicer and if a juicer is involved it must mean it's got some nutrients and there is a possibility you don't have to add any sugar so it's technically "clean" and if "clean" means for you that there is no tequila then nevermind. 

You could make it good for you but that would ruin 5 o'clock. 

Fresh Grapefruit Margaritas (serves two, or one)

Juice 3 grapefruits
Juice 2 limes
Stir in one tablespoon of agave (taste the juice first, if it's a sweet grapefruit don't bother)
2 ounces of Reposado Tequila

Salt rim of glass.  Fill half way with crushed ice, and fill with juice.  Perfection.  I used to hate salted rims until I tried it.  Sounds weird but the salty, sweet, fruity combination is delightful.  Get weird.

Ignore our awesome fencing that is growing something and close your are barefoot, it's sunny, your skin is hot and the ocean lapping up on your beach chair is the only annoyance you've got to worry about today.  Don't rub it in to your friends up in the Northeast that the high is 74 degrees.


  1. I LOVE Coke. Any time of day (after 12pm), a cold iced coke (especially from McDonald's) can make any day a better day. :)

    1. Laura- I thought of you and your addiction:) I don't have it that bad yet. One coke every two weeks:)