Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am NOT trendy. Okay, I'm trendy.

You can pray for me. I know you didn't say you wanted too but I'm going to throw it out there and hope you do.  I'm meeting lots of coaches this week and I can be very awkward when I'm nervous. 

Side note, I can be very awkward when I'm not nervous, so there's that. 

I never grew out of the "people are looking at you so you should probably turn red and start sweating" phase.  My favorite part of the whole thing are the hives.  Ladies, if you want to draw attention away from your face and onto your chest, don't get plastic surgery, just develop hives.  Bingo.  Nailed it. 

First dates were a nightmare with me very intensely watching Chris O'Donnell movies and playing with my hair.  I thought it was adorable, but news to me, it wasn't.  I'm so glad I get to work with high school students so I can give them all of my dating tips.

 I keep reminding myself that it is not about me, but I'm a human and I care.  This is good for me.  I can't rely on myself because I know if I do they won't be impressed by my funny stories about my dog.  Please pray.  When I get nervous I think that talking about frivolous things will ease the awkwardness but I'm willing to bet the other person won't be impressed by my love for Taylor Swift, skinny jeans, and men's deodorant. 

I was searching for a TV clip I'd missed and came up on an article featuring two of my favorite men, Jon Stewart and C.S. Lewis.  Google search victory, no? 

It quoted C.S. Lewis, 

  “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

So I'm glad I am where I am.  I can't rely on myself for this or it could get ugly.  Uglier than hives on a redhead. 

I'm also meeting with a student from Plant High School about starting a Bible study for her and her friends.  They are the Panthers so basically I'm going to buy every article of school spirit gear they have and re-watch Friday Night Lights with it on.

If it isn't evident how awkward I am at first light, I hope it's become clear.  Strike One.

The student I'm meeting is AWESOME and we were going to meet after her practice but we have to meet earlier because her brother is having a big "signing" photo op when he decides which college he's attending.  You know how cared about which college I was attending?  Hey, Mom.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY FRIENDS THAT HAVE SUPPORTED ME FOR THE GASPARILLA!!!!  I am so thankful and want to give you big hugs and kisses all over your face for being so awesome!!  Strike Two.

In more boring to anyone but me news, I need help.  It is probably evident that has become a theme of the blog.  Hi! I'm Rachel and I need help.  Yes, I need prayer and I need help.  I'm very needy.

We recently had a sisal rug in our living room that I got off of Craigslist and I hated.  When Matt was gone on a trip a couple of months ago I rolled it up and tossed it in the trash it was so awful.  Turns out Matt didn't think it was that awful and we need a new rug.  I am very leery of trends and hate investing in something that I won't think is cool around the same time no one thinks is cool  (Bad news because I am usually the LAST to know when something has become un-cool) (Good news is I'm getting more comfortable with that.).  I've battled with the chevron pattern long enough, I like it.  But because a rug is a large part of a room and our house is the size of a dollhouse, a big pattern that was hot hot hot in 2012 might be a bit overwhelming when that becomes "sooooo 2012".  And I usually tend to opt for neutral pieces for our house and use color in small bits so I don't get confused for Rainbow Brite's jealous twin sister.  This the space.





 The curtains are really expensive panels from Target in beige, the room is painted a light grey, fireplace and most furniture is white, the sofa is dark grey, and that awesome coffee table was made by my very talented brother who makes amazing furniture.  I agree with Matt though.  I love our original wood floors (circa 1926!) but something needs to break up all that brown. 

Because I'm asking for your advice.......WHICH RUG.......I HAVE TO KNOW SO I CAN ORDER IT, I will leave you with some of my own.  If you are home alone (especially at night in a creep-o neighborhood like mine) try to scale down some of your scary TV watching.  I used to watch marathons of SVU but learned that breaking up with Stabler and Benson was for my own benefit.  Too bad I didn't follow my own brilliant advice when watching the first episode of "The Following". 

About a freaking serial killer

I watched all three episodes like a lunatic and now walk around my house with my pepper spray and have been keeping a knife by the bed.  Very safe.  This is in addition to my BB Gun and Nicaraguan spear my father in law brought back for me from a trip.  You can imagine how terrified I was when I awoke yesterday, still in bed, and checked Twitter. 

Escaped juvenile with mental issues.  In my neighborhood.  Search winding down.  Unknown if suspect is found.  Good thing I have all of my weaponry.  I feel very Laura Croft so I wore my leather boots to work and belted my pepper spray for easy access.  Strike Three. 


  1. I vote yellow/grey! :) I love your blog btw and I love you and your awkwardness. You are REALLY selling me on becoming your neighbor... I would need more weaponry.

    1. Casey- I know, I've said before what an incredible marketing rep I'd be. I really know how to sell something. At least you'd be safe:)

      I think I'm partial to the yellow/grey too.

  2. hahaha loved this! you are way cool and I like the yellow/grey rug (well I like both)...but we all know how trendy I am...not! We need to hang out soon. Also, I have emailing your friend "Pam"...

    1. Laura- I know all this talk of how charming I am made you want to make a date with me. I'll totally bring it, awkward chatter and all. We don't even have to kiss at the end:)

      ooooooo....I need more info on your talks with Pam. Over cocktails.

  3. I like the yellow/grey rug best too! :)

  4. Yellow/grey for sure! Adorbs. xo

    1. Thanks Beth, that seems to be the consensus:)

  5. I love me a chevron print but I think that with the color scheme you've got going on in your cute-as-a-button living room, the yellow/gray seems like a better alternative. That and I just love the yellow/gray combination! :)