Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A full heart and really sore legs.

I don't think I've pushed myself as hard as I did on Saturday in a long time.  This could be evidenced by the struggle to get out of bed three days after a run.  It hurts still.  I've foam rolled, yoga-ed, and shook out everything numerous times since then but I guess you can't stretch out 85 degree slow running like you could when you were 25.  Musings of a girl nearing 30.   Boo hoo. 

I attended the FCA meeting at Hillsborough High School yesterday morning and dang those kids get up early.  How does a teenager manage to look like a movie star at 6am?  Mind boggling.  HHS is one of the schools in my district and I love it.  It is such a beautiful campus I am just in awe walking up to it.  Like a high school from a movie. 

My own high school was orginally supposed to be a jail and I am pretty confident they saved some money and never had an architect draw up some new plans for a fun place to learn. 

Javie Cruz is a local musician whom I love dearly.  An awesome guy and also the youth pastor at Palma Ceia Methodist, he voluteers with FCA regularly offering up his rap skills and ability to connect with students in area schools.  He's getting married this year and his fiance is equally awesome.  I'm not really a fan of rap but he sounds like Macklemore and I looooooove Macklemore.  He would probably disagree with that comparison.  After Javie spoke to the kids about Jesus and the ability to love Jesus and talk about Jesus without being a cheeseball/cookie cutter/pretentious Christian, we prayed, feasted on donuts and then they were off to their next class. 

Javie Cruz

Nothing says "I love you" like sugar at 7am. 

FCA student leaders with our staff.  Please pray for them, they are such awesome kids.

Hillsborough's club is around 75 students and growing.  Currently it is mostly made up of IB students but would love for it to expand to include all of the students attending the school.  Please pray that the students in leadership there are able to invite more students to join the club and fill the gorgeous auditorium we got to sit in yesterday. 

The warm and fuzzy feelings from the meeting made me want some comfort food.  Thank you grilled cheese and tomato soup for being the best food in the world.  Thank you scientists of faux dairy for inventing your products so that a vegan can enjoy the best food in the world.  This would be my last meal.  I'm pretty sure every single thing in this dinner was processed.  The beer may have been the only minimally processed part.  That is sad. 

I use Daiya Cheese, Earth Balance buttery spread, and Almond milk for the soup. 

Accompanied by some cuddling with Luke, my heart was full.

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