Monday, February 11, 2013

My Strange Addiction: Jillian Michaels, Ryan Gosling, and Coke

So I shelled the fresh chick peas.  Finally.  Good to know they have a long shelf life.  They were still bright green and crisp too.  Too bad it took one episode of Biggest Loser to shell them all for about a cup and a half.  And everyone knows one episode of Biggest Loser is like an hour an a half.  Seriously, they are are seriously serious about changing lives.  Except Jillian, she's serious about making sure people are seriously throwing up daily.  If you don't watch the show you don't even know. 

A terrible segway from watching Biggest Loser, I found a great thing at Whole Foods on Sunday.  Matt was feeling kind of blah and he SWEARS by some capsule called "Wellness Formula" that is of course like $200 a bottle and you must take 600 pills a serving, 3 times a day.  I need to buy stock.  (It is actually $18/bottle and you take 6 pills/3 times a day, but I was close).  I've never taken them so I can't vouch for their miracle powers but he combines this with mainlining Emergen-C and he hasn't made it out of the "first symptoms" phase in a while (aside from the norovirus bug we caught in New York).  I've bought about 6 bottles this year so far (they don't last very long so buy the biggest one the sell) but of course, Matt got a "first symptom" very early Sunday morning and I get up pretty early so I won the "awesome wife" award (first time!) and picked some up for him.  Everytime I buy this for Matt I get a "in the know" nod or comment from an employee at Whole Foods that says "she knows how to feel better fast with her Wellness Formula."  And everyone knows nobody can make you feel good about your health like the approval of a Whole Foods employee (maybe Ryan Gosling).  It's like a badge.  And I've got one.

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Back to the great thing at WF that was not a pharmaceutical... while I was walking around the store I passed the bakery and saw they had vegan donuts.  Actually a whole case full of almost all vegan pastries.  There weren't any other cases so I thought it was cool that Whole Food carries so many options for vegans that they seem to think non-vegans will like as well. 

There was this beauty.  I almost got it but another guy swooped in and bought all they had.  Rude.  He let me take a picture though without judgement which was nice.  Rude.

Ministry update!  We have an FCA office!  And it's great!  Not in a looks great way but great because it's a super exciting thing for this fledgling little ministry!  We are trying to bring our new space into the 2000s by painting and removing the amazing furniture it came with.  I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture last night, it is so ugly.  We had our first painting party last night and I can't wait until it is a usable space we can work out of. 

That Coke isn't mine.  Okay it was.  Ugh.  No more Coke this week. 

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