Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Train like you mean it.

I have a confession to make.  I am a slacker of late.  I had a marathon dream before Christmas and I'm pretty sure the marathon I set my sights on is next week.  Definitely positive I won't be toeing the line at that one.  Unless you want to see the ugliest cry ever.  My longest training run was 16 miles and every mile felt so good and then that runner's high turned into Christmas and our ski trip and the New York trip and I lost my mojo.  But I like training for things, I like having goals and I'm going to make some.  My next race is the Gasparilla (20K for FCA- Donate to help me reach my goal!) and it's a little late to make a super goal but I'm going to start showing up for my training runs.  By actually doing training runs.  I need a race.  I'm willing to travel.  Is it too late to marathon further North into the Spring?  Is that crazy? 

You know know what else I'm going to start showing up for?  My chalkboard. I love this thing.  I am so good about updating it for parties, holidays, anything celebratory really. And I've failed it.  You know how many big days I've missed acknowlaging? So  many.

New Year's Day
The Inauguration
Martin Luther King Day
The Super Bowl

Now I have Valentine's Day and President's Day coming so fast.  I need to get chalking or I'm going to be the neighbor with the Christmas lights up in March.*

*Matt would think it's important to tell you that the Christmas lights were down on January 2nd.  He's a keeper.

Speaking of the arts (my artistic chalk ability IS art), my co worker is AMAZING.  She found some pictures of "folded page art" online but couldn't find any instructions anywhere.  We spent about an hour on Pinterest trying to find a tutorial and couldn't find one that showed what she wanted to do (an initial).  So she decided she was going to teach herself and found a video on YouTube that showed how to do hearts and she nailed it.  How cool is this?  I've said it before, but my co workers are so great.  She's going to keep practicing until she's gets the initial and I'll post a picture when she gets it done.  Which she will.

A very exciting thing happened today.  I got to the market at the same time that the old bananas went on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thrilling for all, I know.  I got 23 bananas for .99!!!!!!!!

 It was Monday, give me a break.  You have to celebrate the small stuff. 

I eat oatmeal every single day with a banana and it has to be brown and spotty or my daily bowl of oatmeal is gross.  It's a very precise recipe and if the banana is green, it's inedible.  Must be brown.  That is a very important part of the recipe.  So I take advantage of these great banana deals and peel them all and bag them and throw them in the freezer for 23 mornings of delicious oatmeal.  There was only .99 in this banana stand. 

2013 has been pretty great.  I can't remember a bad day I've had so far (other than throwing up on a plane) which I'm not complaining about but yesterday was supposed to be the best.  Football season is over which means Matt thinks I'm interesting again.  And then I got a wicked paper cut at work on my knuckle.  Everyone knows that is the worst place for a paper cut.  It is the worst place for a paper cut.  I was starting to heal because my skin heals very quickly and had almost forgotten about it until I got bit by a mosquito ON THE PAPER CUT.  I realize in the grand scheme of things how trivial this must seem.  But come on. And it really hurts.  And I realize this is cutting into my interesting vibe.  But I figured it might be interesting because how often does a mosquito bite a paper cut?  I know, it's a good question.  I took a picture to prove it happened but it makes my thumb look weird and lumpy and I have my girlish figure to preserve.

Also to note, we get one channel at Casa de Hires and right now, The Bachelor is on.  I realize I don't have the greatest taste in television but holy smoke stacks.  The entire time I felt like Russell Crowe would emerge from the limo where a girl is sobbing and scream, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" 

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