Thursday, February 21, 2013

One star for two stars.

I'm still sore from stair climbing.  I guess my dream trip to the peak of Mt. Everest just isn't in the cards for me.  Unless I hire a really strong Sherpa.  Hmm.  Matt Hires?

 A short run was all I had in me today and it felt good and my sweet little pup got some fresh air.  Win win.  Two more days until the 20K for FCA so I don't want to do anything else crazy like climb 5,000 flights of stairs.  Nice and slow walks from here until Saturday.  Don't tell Luke, he doesn't know what "nice" and "slow" mean. 

 There are two more days to sponsor me for my run if you want.......if you already have, I am seriously and completely in love with you.  Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, that kind of love.  You rock.  If you would like to throw some money towards kids in area high schools, click the link below. 

My night was considerably lazy.  I had to catch up on responding to emails and while I'd rather have watched my dog chase his tail for two hours, one of my co-workers had given me the DVD of the critically acclaimed* "Burlesque" staring Cher and Christina Aguilera .  So I watched it.

*not critically acclaimed

Oh yeah.  Matt dodged a bullet with this one.  But at the very least now I can honestly testify to my coworker what it was about.  She really liked it and now we can chat about the fun corsets and pasties that each cast member wore.  You know, water cooler stuff.

But let's talk about how much Christina Aguilera looks like Taylor Swift here......


image source

I know.  The movie turned me into the queen of observation. 

So my first word of advice is to skip this one.  My next advice is to make these cookies. 

Ginger snaps are my most favorite cookie and ginger snaps sounded like heaven after watching that movie.  I used this recipe which is  my favorite vegan ginger snap recipe on the planet.  I make these a lot and when paired with almond milk, watch out.  For Thanksgiving last year I used it as my crust for a vegan pumpkin pie.  I always omit the cloves because those aren't my thing and I used whole wheat flour because that's how I roll.  I bet the oil could be replaced with some kind of fruit puree but I've never tried because they are so perfect as is.  I also halved the recipe because I'd probably eat the whole batch if I made the whole thing.  It's hard to stop at two.  The halved batched made about 15 cookies.  More or less an episode of Parks and Rec.   


  1. how was the movie? love your blogs! will you continue after the race?

    1. The movie was TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE. Don't see it.