Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Problem of Pain.

Yesterday was busy....I had a long meeting and there is nothing I hate more than meetings.  Sitting down for more than one hour just zaps the energy right from my body.  I only get through church on Sundays by the grace of God.  I just hate it (sitting not church).  So I left for the evening tired and sluggish.  No amount of kale on the planet could get me out of the funk.  It was almost comical.  Man up, Rachel.

So I took my sweet pup for a spin around the neighborhood breathing in the cooler air that our terrible weather brought in yesterday. 

The Westin on Harbour Island/Roof Damage--picture sourced from

Roof from Westin on the Riverwalk

The Westin on Harbour Island (where we got married!) had it's roof torn off and thrown onto the Riverwalk.  Too bad I was about a quarter mile from this with an office overlooking the island and missed the entire water spout and storm.  I couldn't believe it. 

image from
Getting outside was incredibly energizing even though it was u-g-l-y outside. 

I've missed my bible study group the past three weeks because of various really great excuses but vowed I would go last night even if my tires were flat and my hood was smoking when I made my way out to the car.  I love that group from head to toe.  They were an answer to prayer when we'd thought God wasn't going to respond. 

Thank you Lord for fellowship, for friends, and people that genuinely love you and want to talk about you even when your Word is confusing.  Even when it's controversial.  Even when it's hard to talk about.  High fives for the Tampa Heights House Church, you are the Brad to my Angelina. 

The book we are studying (or they are studying because I bought it last night) is CS Lewis, The Problem of Pain.  No one can create sentences so overflowing and full of thought provoking wisdom like Mr. Lewis.  Just hearing some of the paragraphs read for discussion last night brought tears to my eyes, he has shed so much light on the Christian life.   Still spinning from our study I got home and read online some of the chapter I'd neglected to prepare for the week before.  It's so good and so terrifying at the same time.  Last night we talked (they talked I listened) about wickedness.  How does someone that does not believe in the Gospel comprehend humans as inherently sinful?  I believe that but why on Earth would someone who doesn't know Christ believe that?  It was tough.  I know so many incredible, wise, generous, and sweet people that I would consider "good".  But the Bible says they are born into sin.  How do I explain that or even believe that?  It is crucial to understanding and fully grasping the incredible nature of Christ on the cross.  The sacrifice.  The weight of something pure dying for something filthy.  Thoughts?

I've started walking my dog early in the morning before work and I usually wear bright clothes so early morning crazies don't run us over (Luke has black hair and a penchant for being a nut that loves the middle of the road) but today I didn't have to!  It was light out and I'm so excited.  My hot pink shorts were getting kind of funky.  My fluorescent yellow hoodie can go back into hibernation.  Good morning sunshine.  And if you are looking to rent a house and want some pretty sweet neighbors let me know, ours moved out last night.  We can stare each other down from our porches all day while drinking Natural Light in our wife beaters yelling things like "get off my lawn!".  Fun!

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