Thursday, February 28, 2013

This girl is on fire. Steaming.

I have a confession to make.  It's an ugly one and I am so sorry.

 I walk my dog every morning and it's one of my favorite new 2013 habits.  At this point he looks forward to it and waits patiently by his leash while I tie up my laces and try to find a brightly colored hoodie so I'm not run over.  I know he is counting on me so when my alarm goes off I actually get out of bed.  The morning air is refreshing, and the exersize is energizing.  Yes, it is dark and sometimes a tad scary but I feel awake afterwards and it gets some wiggles out of Luke (and he is very wiggly).  I use the time to clear my head, think about my day, or just play with my sweet dog. 

Today, I was livid.  There was no head clearing for this redhead.  My head was red because I was unexcuseably mad.  So mad.  While morning strolls are a great habit, a terrible habit I have is winding down at night with social media.  I have great friends on Facebook and Twitter and I love reading about their lives and seeing their photos and while I'm sure reading a book is a better way to ease myself into a place of sleep, it used to work for me. 

But I read some pretty vile garbage last night that had me so ticked that as I walked this morning I'm pretty sure Luke was embarrased by my scoul. 

I thought about posting the gist of the post for some validation of how I felt but I'm not.  Anger isn't a good word for my emotions this morning, and sadly, hatred is closer. 

I'm pretty easy going too and love social media.  It has changed the world so much in it's ability to instantly connect people and ideas.  Through social media, youth are getting more involved in the world around them and it is an easy place to share ideas and opinions where anyone can respond or contradict by simply pressing "enter".  It isn't blind and there are faces behind your opinions, which I like, you are discussing topics (however lively) with friends.  I saw many things I disagreed with in the last election cycle and lots of propaganda was posted from various other sites to prove to the world their ideas were true, but I am so thankful that in this country we are completely free to post that craziness on and it's legal.  I enthusiastically support free speech and even though everyone has "that friend" that insists on posting their political hashings multiple times a day from stuff they've found on the internet and yes, it's annoying, I don't de-friend them because I'm glad it's still okay to do that.  I still love my friends because they are passionate about something and that is cool.  I'm sure many of my friends don't like my multiple clips of Jon Stewart everyday.  You should though because he's brilliant.

What made me the most upset (not even close to how I really felt, my blood was boiling) was the comment itself.  That anger grew when I remembered that this person knows and loves Jesus.  I know that.  Others probably know that.  It terrifies me that people that don't know Christ might see the person's post and place all Christians one step closer to that fine line that much of society divides us from Westboro Baptist Church.  Please don't.  As a Christian human being, you don't have to be perfect or post bible verses all day long, you just have the responsibility (in a public forum no less, hopefully in your daily life also) of treating others with respect (even politicians and their wives that you don't care for) and not being unbelievable sexist and offensive.  I've said too much.  I am so mad.   

My sin in this is my anger towards my friend.  For allowing such vitriol to be on his/her wall.  For agreeing publicly for this disgusting opinion.  For hating this person more because this person knows Jesus.  It makes no sense to hate someone for loving the thing I love the most.  It doesn't, and it comes down to that.   I'm a selfish person and I don't want other people linking me to that.  Lord, help me. 

Ahhhhhh.  This ended an actually relaxing day.  After work I cleared the afternoon for what was on my training schedule (I call it a "training schedule" because I think it sounds like I'm an important athlete so just bear with me), and afterward decided to give myself a DIY facial.  I was going to spare you the amazing picture below but it was too funny to hoard and I told Matt I'd post it so he'd miss me more.  The jokes on him because it might terrify him.  Probably and most likely. 


I'm so sorry.

I found most elements to this spa like experience on the girl gem, Pinterest.  Baking power for exfoliating (thanks LC!) and mud mask for looking amazing can be found by clicking on the links.  

My hot tea was perfect to accompany catching up on my shows (feel free to compare me to your grandma), but the Labradoodle confusion was probably unique to my experience.   He's used to me looking strange but not other worldly. 


  1. Rachel - first of all, I love your blog because I feel like we are best friends in an alternate reality. I want to run and drink juice with you. I'm really into kale and beets right now....Second, I have been battling this social media thing, too! As much as I try not to, it's the last thing I do before I go to sleep and now I even use it as an excuse to wake me up in the morning. I know that I am potentially setting myself up for going to sleep and waking up with garbage instead of something life-giving. I think an intervention is necessary! Maybe a real alarm clock instead of my phone on my nightstand would be a good start.

    1. B- it would be so fun to porch swing and drink juice with you. Maybe someday we'll end up in the same hood, I'd love that. I feel you about the phone, I go to sleep using it and wake up using it. I'm liking your alarm clock idea. You might be onto something.

    2. I am the same way! Every night I delete what emails I can on my phone because I hardly ever go on my computer for emails...check FB as soon as my alarm (which is my phone) goes off...Love you Rachel. Your blog is amazing and your writing style is creative and your stories are so interesting in a "little daddy stories" and "grandaddy stories" kind of way. Must be genetic!

    3. Thanks Barb! I could only hope to one day have as entertaining stories as the little daddy stories of my youth:)

      Enjoy your time with Allison!

  2. You are hilarious. My favorite part: your mask was shaped into a smile. ;) Your blog is a fun and entertaining read, as always.

    1. Thanks Tracey! I didn't even notice my mask being anything but frightening! Hope you are all are keeping warm this weekend:)