Friday, March 1, 2013

My brother is pretty great.

Thanks for loving me still even after seeing my ugly side yesterday.  Writing in anger is probably not extremely fruitful and I appreciate your words of wisdom in light of that. 

Today is National Family Pride Day so in order to properly celebrate my amazing family I have to share a recent bragging right.

My brother in law is a strange man.  I will never completely understand his whims but I know he probably looks at my life and thinks the same thing. 

Taken without permission from Eric's Vimeo site but I hope he doesn't sue me.
 I am so blessed to be called his sister now and am always inspired by his vision for living, for adventure, and for treating people with respect.  Eric sees no color, no demographic, no condition, and no holding back when building relationships with people and he never forgets my birthday even though I always forget his.  The people he calls his friends are vast and reach every spectrum of the human race.  He's an awesome dude and is also a pretty incredible film maker (he is actually pretty good at everything he starts and he can just add filming to that growing list of successes).  

Another picture stolen from the internet.  It's too easy.  From Eric's instagram feed. 
He posted a reel of footage this week that took my breath away.  So good.  I kind of want to do something impulsive now just to make him proud.  You can peruse his other videos at that link also, but if you watch the actual video you'll see some clips of another foxy Hires man. 

Go here....

That's all folks.  My very own brother by blood is an extremely talented architect who builds amazing furniture but he's a private guy who doesn't like any information about him to be disclosed to the public.  So his feature on the blog will never come to pass.  He doesn't like being tagged on Facebook, he thinks he's a celebrity or something.  But I feel as though I should share his most massive project as any proud sister would.  A little building called "The Guggenheim".  Anyone? 

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