Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekends rule. Sewing does not.

Matt leaves town a lot for music stuff.  His album is coming out in May so the months leading up to that are full of many weeks with Matt gone and me home. So for Matt's last weekend here, we wanted to fill it up with lots of fun stuff.  My idea of fun stuff was smoothies, running, roller blading, book listening, and juicing. 

Strawberry Banana Smoothie


Green Juice Recipe #124235343636

Pomegranate Red Juice

Pomegranates are THE coolest.  They were also 75 cents at the market this week, so you know...
I bought 10.  It was Matt approved, which usually means it's borderline sweet and tastes like "it's good for you".  Which is was so, BOOM.  You know what is not Matt approved?  What it reminded me of.

This beautiful fruit was so lovely and it reminded me of a certain classic literary work of art.

Sourced fromThe Official Website of Stephanie Meyer

Pomegranates aren't hard to get the seeds out but you can buy them at the store ready to eat.  They look like this..... and if the whole, scooping out seeds thing deters you from trying this, you should get these.  If you click on that link, a coupon pops up too.  Ballin'.

Sourced from POM Wonderful

I also woke up to a beautiful morning on Saturday.  I had new socks to run in, a fantastic book to finish, and a pup that was mad I'd said bad things about him on the blog.


 I took off with the pup afterward wanted to soak up more of the beautiful day so I dusted off my roller blades.  I am the last person in Tampa that roller blades.  It's a lost art.  But it's so much fun and I don't even realize I'm working out.  If you roller blade, please come with me.  Pray I don't have a good audio book though because I tend to go too far out and by the time I turn around, I get really tired and have to go all the way back. 

These were the socks I bought.  I've only gone on one run with them but they seem okay.  They didn't seem any different from regular new socks.  But the color was fun.

Thorlo Experia Socks XCCU $14.95

Turns out all of these things are grand but Matt's idea of a terrible time is sure to include running and probably listening to my audio books and definitely involve Twilight.  So he requested a stop at our favorite brewery.  Cigar City is the most awesome brewery in the whole United States and it happens to be ten minutes from our house.  So great.  They've recently expanded and it was delicious.  Those fried pickles in the background are definitely mine.  That chew is definitely not.   

I have a secret talent for tailoring shirts.  It really is less of a talented and more of remembering where to thread a needle and press a peddle at the same time.  And I loathe it.  More than almost anything.  I'd rather eat wasabi covered in wasabi than sew anything.  But Matt had two shirts he needed for his trip sewn.  I only sewed one before having a mini meltdown, and my good friend Tana stepped in to finish the job.  I have no pictures, it was ugly.

 Pot of gold waiting for me was I also scored tickets to MOSI's fundraiser, Einstein on Wine.  It was awesome.  Probably 20 different tables with 5-6 different wines to try at each one.  Matt and I agreed on the best wine which never has ever happened before.  I am going to start buying it by the case.  My phone was about to die  so I got no pictures of the endless tables of mostly local restaurants sampling their dishes but before it did I got the greatest picture in the world.  It was a great night.

I wish giving thumbs up was cooler.  Sadly, it still isn't.

We got a beautiful sunrise on the way to the airport.  And I got my favorite coffee from Nicola's to ease the pain.  Nicola's is famous for the donuts but their coffee is sooooooo good.  Too bad you have to spend $5 to use your credit card.  A nice man behind me let me pay for his donuts and then gave me cash so I didn't have to buy 5 coffees to use my card.  So pro tip: bring cash.  And try that Reese's donut for me. 

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