Friday, May 17, 2013

Disney music is just not my jam.

Just a ho-hum Thursday moving along and whammy.  My boss brings me the most beautifully fragrant gardenia on this beautiful Earth.  Aromatherapy, indeed. 

Some updates with FCA:
Tomorrow there is a clay shoot to raise funds for the ministry and to honor Daniel Witt.  If you want to participate, you can find more info here: 1st Annual Daniel Witt Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot.

I need to head out and pick up a sweet camo outfit so I don't stand out.

Also a new club will be starting at The Academy of Holy Names next year, which is exciting.  If you know any girls that attend, let them know!

I turned down spin with Liz last night because Matt was flying home and I thought it appropriate to have time to shower before picking him up.  So I attended an earlier class at the Y and I really should have gone with Liz.  It was a really strange class.

-All Disney music.  Seriously.
-The music was turned down really low.  Granted, I didn't want to have Disney tunes blaring but loud music is one of my favorite parts of a spin class. 
-2 and half minute seated climb with heavy resistance.  There are few things I hate more than a seated climb.  And 2 and half minutes is Everest. 
-This seat.  Oh, no.  That seat.

That should be illegal.

While I will never attend the 5:30 class at the Y again, there was some good.

-I got to fit in a shower (at home, there is a culture at my Y where all women walk around naked in the locker room, is it like that at your Y? I hated dressing out in gym class, public nudity makes me very uncomfortable)
-The instructor took us through a pyramid workout...2 minute climb (one min. in the saddle, one minutes out), rest for 1 minute, 3 minute climb (1.5 minutes in the saddle, 1.5 minutes out), rest, 4 minutes climb, rest, and then the 5 minute climb.....and then back down.  Most spin classes I take are all about the element of not knowing or expecting the next set of training so you never get bored.  I found that I liked this workout and pushed myself more knowing I had a rest coming up.  We finished the class with seated sprints with heavy resistance (the most horrible workout) for thirty seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest for 4 minutes total.  Even though I hate seated climbs/sprints, it was probably good for me.
-The instructor, though had horrible taste in music, was really nice.  She noticed I hadn't brought water in and volunteered to go get me some.  This did lead me to explain in front of the whole class my inability to not pee while I'm working out if I drink water which was kind of awkward but it was nice that she cared.

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  1. if you get camo clothes - let me know where? we can match! or i can buy it from you after tomorrow ;)