Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bad habits and March can just retire as the best month ever.

I have a pretty bad habit.

And it's dangerous to my taste buds.

It's called dinner. 

Steam bag of veggies. 

Cover with Sriracha.  Done.  Successfully have lit my mouth on fire.  And become addicted.

Cooking with pots and pans?

Ain't nobody got time for that.

I've got to watch Jack Bauer save the world again.

A big bowl of steamed celery probably sounds weird and it probably is... but it is so good.  It is way better steamed than raw and when you steam it you take out the rest of the nutrients that it had very little of to begin with, so it's kind of like junk food. 

Except you are hungry five minutes later. 

But it's so good.  I got the idea from Yummy House, the most amazing Chinese food in Tampa, where they serve lightly steamed celery with their kung pao dishes and it is so delicious. 

My company recently was acquired by another Real Estate firm and to welcome us into their brand they had a big meeting at the corporate office and gave everyone cookies with their name on it.  I was a little too excited about it and broke mine.  First impressions are way overrated.  I did get to see my most favorite person in the world (besides Matt) and she knows me too well and brought a snack for me because she knew I'd come outrageously hungry and that tiny cookie was outrageously small.

I was signed up to bring snacks to our bible study last night and wanted to have a green theme so I made some hummus with spinach blended in to give it color (please stop buying hummus, I made 6x what comes in the package at the store and it cost around $2, AND I know exactly what is in it, chick peas, spinach, salt, olive oil, & roasted garlic).

I also had the first Pinterest success where what I made turned out exactly how the picture looked.  I made kale pesto for some green flat breads and it rocked.  I used this recipe:  Kale and Walnut Pesto and it was so good.  I used the vegan version for this and instead of walnuts, I subbed almonds.   It came together in about one minute.  Tough stuff.

No filter to make this greener, just my awesome iphone photo skills.

For dessert I made some avocado brownies which were less than stellar. 

March has been an awesome month so far.  One best friend is pregnant, another is killing it in boxing class <---I'm so proud!, and another just got engaged.  I got a text last night during bible study with this picture attached.

I started welling up right there while discussing CS Lewis and The Fall of Man.  Granted, that is pretty sad and tear inducing but I'm sure everyone thought I was pretty lame for crying about it.  But I've known her for 16 years.  I get to cry when she finds the love of her life.  Every guy I meet that is single (sometimes not single, homewrecker reporting for duty), I think of her and how he would match up to this amazing girl.  She found him and not me though and locked it down.  I love love.  I love weddings!  And I love happy friends! 

Yup, I'll just float off on cloud nine now.

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