Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Biggest Loser

I got some texts about the hummus I made for bible study on Tuesday and I wish I had a real recipe but I'm type Z about cooking and don't.  Here's the ingredient list with my twisted, very un-scientific measuring system.

Spinach Hummus Un-Recipe

-One big can of chick peas- bigger than the regular size but not Sam's Club size.  Drain those a little.  I just drain them into the sink but I don't rinse them. 

-6 cloves of roasted garlic, more if you like garlic a lot, less if you are nuts.  I do batches of this and keep them in the fridge but basically you cut the top off of a head of garlic, brush on olive oil and wrap in foil and roast the heck out of it.  It gets brown and delicious and sweet.  You can find actually good step by step directions of this online anywhere and not my jacked up instructions.  If your head hurts already from all the work it takes for just one ingredient, just use garlic powder.  It's garlic, it will still be good.

-Salt to taste.  I don't like salt (I mean, I love it but it makes my face look like a Cabbage Patch Kid so I tell myself I don't like it and that works like a charm).

-Probably 5 big handfuls of spinach to get it to this color.  I just kept adding it raw until it turned the bright green I was hoping for.  You can really add anything to hummus to flavor it, roasted red peppers, jalapenos, kalamata olives, sour patch kids, whatever you feel like.  This didn't taste like Spinach, I just wanted it to be green and I'm a genius. 

Add all ingredients to your food processor (my favorite kitchen appliance) and process until it starts to come together.  Chick peas turn super silky in the food processor and probably don't need any oil.  When I'm feeling like a supermodel I just add some water to get it to the consistency I want for less calories but for this batch I used olive oil and it does taste a lot better and consequently I don't feel like a supermodel but that's life.  I just drizzled about a quarter cup of it in while it was processing until I thought it looked right.  And I kept tasting it to make sure the saltiness was okay.  This whole batch made about three cups of hummus (maybe more, it was a lot).

I normally use tahini in my hummus too but I forgot about it and didn't.  It was still really good.  Even better the next day so the next time you remember a day ahead of time you need to bring snacks to bible study (<----never), make the hummus so it can sit around in your fridge and get better.  Aged to perfection.  Like me.  Ha.
We had a meeting for Hillsborough County FCA yesterday and I got to see the progress Camille is making on our office.  I know it looks rough but it looks so much better than before.  Once we get those awesome desks out of there and install the new desk we are sharing (Logan made it so it's cool) we can get cracking on submitting it to House Beautiful to use as a feature.  I ended up painting that table I put up here a while back pink and Camille was less than thrilled with the results.  Pinterest misled me and it wasn't my fault.  You can kind of see the base of it sticking out from behind that whiteboard, beautiful I know.  I should probably help Camille out and this office project might stop taking 5 years to beautify.  That would be what a friend would do. 

Funny story about Camille, she doesn't own travel coffee mugs so she drives and drinks coffee from actual coffee cups, she said her car can vouch for it too, there is coffee everywhere.  Yesterday she brought this little cup which was adorable, like her. 

I have another plug for my neighborhood and it's incredible culinary finds.  Mikey's Cafe and Bakery is the best. 
They did our cake and cupcakes for our wedding too.  And the were so good.

I had to pick up a pie for a co-workers birthday and because the cafe is literally a hop skip and jump from my house I walked Luke's cute butt up there to pick up a pie.  Peanut Butter is what I was looking for and lucky for me there was one left.  All of their pies are $14 and look incredible.  Everyone loved it and it fed about 12 people.  The slices were smaller than normal but about twice the height of normal pie and no one complained.  I didn't get to try any because I'm trying to avoid dairy forever but the office has nominated me as the birthday pie buyer for life.  Yay?  I'm guessing I don't get a raise for that.

A testimony to how awesome the contestants on The Biggest Loser looked at the finale, Luke couldn't take his eyes off them.  I love that show.  Everytime I heard Jillian Michaels talking to Danni during the last weigh in my eyes welled up too.  Love it.

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