Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Selfie is the worst word ever.

Can we talk about the word "selfie" real fast?  Probably the worst word created for our culture.  I even tried to get "coolie" started for a while ("Oh, Rach, you're so coolie in those awesome Jncos") and now realize how terrible of a word that was but "selfie" is worse.  Maybe worse than an acutal pair of Jncos.

Maybe not, those are pretty terrible.

So selfie is a terrible word.  And I took two selfies last night.  I just giggled a little typing that it is so silly.

Sometimes getting exercise in is a battle.  Most times I can't wait to start running.  I love it.  I get jealous when I see other people running and I have stuff to do.  It's an addiction to the feeling you get afterwards many people refer to as "as runner's high".  I don't feel that unless I've run more than 8 miles which is a shame because I run 3-6 much more often during the week.

One of my best friends started taking a boxing class and is killing it and going everyday in hopes of beating me up next time I drink too much wine.  I don't like getting beat up so I am going to recommit to spinning.  I used to love it but it's hard and it's a class I have to get in the car to go to.  Running is so simple as it only requires my shoes and sometimes my dog.  Both of which are always around (my dog is hoping someone reads this and rescues him).

The whole drive to the gym I made excuses not to go. 

-I had a long Monday.
-I didn't feel like it. <---this one is usually a winner, I know my determination is hard to kill.
-I had a small lunch.
- blah blah blah. 

Even after parking my car I was tempted to put it back in drive and channel Ryan Gosling to get the heck out of there.  I sat there for about ten minutes checking Facebook telling myself it was okay and I didn't have to go. 

Before Spin class:

But spin was awesome and the teacher rocked tonight.  She is a little obsessed with Sting and The Police but the Band of Horses cool down made up for it at the end.  One of my favorite parts of spin are the videos the teacher chooses to play.  I never watch music videos because cable is for fools so spin is the only chance I get to see them.  Music videos are crazy.  Every single one was really weird and kind of creepy.  The class itself was great, everyone knew each other and would scream and yell when it got hard.  One video that was played was a U2/Green Day collaboration (that seemed strange to me too) about Katrina and Iraqi soldiers bringing aid to the victims of the storm.  I got a little teary during that song because I'd forgot how long the war had been going on.  Thank you Americans soldiers for continuing to commit so much of your lives to protect our country.  I've graduated high school, college, gotten married, and retired from teaching since the war began.  During that song we had to sprint off of our seats which is my least favorite part but I was so inspired I did it with more energy than I normally do. 

After Spin class:

My new favorite picture on the blog.

I wasn't going to post this because I look cross eyed but I decided to post it because I look cross eyed. 

Felt like amazing.  Pro tip: for the first time ever (and I've taken spin for over ten years) I saw where I couldn't see the clock.  I tend to fixate on the clock and use that as motivation,

"only 5 more minutes and you are a quarter of a way to the end, only ten more minutes and the cool down will start, this song is over 4 minutes long...whaaaaaat is going on."

Not even intentionally I sat under the fan instead last night and you can't see the clock from that bike.  The time flew by.  30 minutes of Sting and the time flew by, I never thought I'd say that. 

Even when I don't want to run, I just tye up my shoes for a walk.  Just get out there.  This is my PSA for the day. 


  1. Thanks for the education, Rachel! Although I try to keep up with the latest, I had never heard the term "selfie". I had to google it, so now I know.

  2. And I had forgotten all about the jncos...not so happy to be reminded of that trend!