Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm sorry to report that Mr. Wonderful is already taken.

I didn't have time to write on Saturday morning because I was too busy having fun.  I also found a pretty amazing guy at Publix.  I married the man of my dreams but even as amazing as he is, the guy I found did something I don't think Matt would have done.  Sorry love. 

No beer for him, nothing but necessities for his lady and the curse that has come upon her.  The girl behind me snorted when she saw me taking a picture.  She knew too.  Best Guy Award (for the day, every other day goes to Matt) goes to this dude.  The female population applauds you Best Guy. 

After silently thanking God for men that are awesome, I got to attend a brunch at Lowry Park Zoo, compliments of Yelp.  I love me some Yelp.  This website has saved us a couple of times when we were in a city and didn't know where to eat, go, or stay which is pretty much every day for Matt.  Because we are such frequent users of the site we are invited to events pretty much every month where we are treated to amazing food, drinks, and entertainment.  This month was the zoo and their new dinosaur event, DinoQuest.  It was a beautiful day and I got to reminisce about my favorite movie Jurassic Park for a couple of hours.  So the childless girl you saw wandering around the park pretending she was Ellie Sadler was just being influenced by her love of a film and maybe some mimosas.  The food was amazing too.  Mountains of grilled vegetables, pineapple, watermelon shooters, fresh potato chips, and lots of meaty stuff too I didn't try.  And lots of wine, good beer, and of course, champagne. 

What happened between brunch and dinner is a bit of an embarrassment.  I'm so sorry for making fun of my family and friends that watch 24.  I didn't know.  Now I do.  Team Bauer.

If you have girlfriends that you can talk to for hours and hang with without a stitch of make up on and there is no judgement, you know how precious they are.  Especially ones that will still talk to you after you've downed a whole bowl of fresh salsa with an enormous amount of garlic and onion.  Holy smokes, I reeked Mexico. 

As we chatted about love, life, and other important things we did our nails by the fire like we were 10 years old.  It was fun and I'm so happy I have them in my life. 

Sunday brought running with Luke, an iced coffee miracle because I found an almond milk that doesn't curdle when mixed with coffee, a fantastic church service in a place that gives me shivers I love it so much, and yoga in the park.  I could just drink in this weekend's lovliness it was so great. 

This guy was awesome.  A very healthy breather. 

And yes, just to prove I actually eat this almost daily, a bowl of Brussels Sprouts covered in Siracha.  Thanks for still being my friend. 

I don't have a whole lot of FCA stuff going on this week as the kids are on Spring Break, but please be in prayer for them.  There was a horrible accident over the weekend and a student at one of my schools was killed.  I can't imagine the horror of what that family is going through, please be careful and pray for these kids. 


  1. yay!!! So good seeing you again!! Can't wait to meet up again!

    1. K- I was so stoked to see you! Sorry you had to look at my but the whole time:) Namaste!