Friday, March 8, 2013

So embarrassing but not for me.

There was a very unwelcome sight on my desk when I got into work yesterday.  In addition to working with FCA Tampa and in high schools,I work downtown in the mornings for a real estate firm that manages buildings.  I love my job and the people I work with there but oui vey.  I took off one day.  One freaking day. 

And the emails.  Oh no.  Please no more emails.

I needed puppies and peanut butter stat.  I got a lot of questions about the peanut butter I make and I am so excited for others to enter into the incredible world of peanut butter making.* 

*Spoiler alert: the peanut butter making world isn't that incredible.

It breaks my heart that so many more kids are finding they are allergic to peanuts.  They will never know the amazing tastiness of my favorite food.  I tutored a young girl last year that was super allergic to peanuts and couldn't be around anyone that had eaten them recently.  Needless to say, we didn't work together very long.   

To make any kind of nut butter you need a food processor.  I tried my blender and it didn't work but it's a pretty crappy blender.  If you are loved by your family and friends and were given a Vita Mix for Christmas like you'd asked for, then three cheers for you because you win everything. 

Peanuts:  I buy raw peanuts in bulk namely because they are incredibly inexpensive.  If you were to buy pre roasted peanuts then you rock and have a lot of money.  Just kidding, but be careful to check the ingredients for hydrogenated oils and extra salt.  The beauty of making your own nut butter is knowing what you are putting into your body.  Look for the term "dry roasted" and "unsalted".  Roasting only takes around 20 minutes though for one batch and if you have no kids like me then you have all of the time in the world. 

Nutrtional Information:

I got the below information from the National Peanut Board which I hope is hiring because that would be my dream come true.  All peanuts, all the time.

Serving size is 1 oz or about two tablespoons (which is laughable) and 170 calories for dry roasted peanuts.  Not a nutritional powerhouse but it has 7 grams of protein in that small amount and 2 grams of fiber.  Not bad for 1 ounce of food.  I made the mistake of seeing how many calories are in one cup.  Gulp. 

In hopes of lightening up my favorite treat I got creative.  My favorite food to pair with peanut butter is everything bananas so why not just mix those right into the peanut butter itself and let it whip itself up into a silky delicious spread?  You are welcome.

Lightened Up Peanut Butter

One cup of peanuts
Two ripe bananas
One tbsp of vanilla
dash of salt

Serving size remained 2 tbsp.

Roast peanuts at 400 degrees for twenty minutes stirring half way through.  Allow peanuts to cool about five minutes and pour into food processor.  Process for about 3-5 minutes and add each banana one at a time.  Allow to process for about 30 seconds and add vanilla and salt.  Process for one whole minute or until you have reached the consistancy you like. 

Nutrition Facts
  10 Servings
Amount Per Serving
  Calories107.1   Total Fat7.4 g      Saturated Fat1.1 g      Polyunsaturated Fat2.3 g      Monounsaturated Fat3.6 g   Cholesterol0.0 mg   Sodium233.7 mg   Potassium189.6 mg   Total Carbohydrate8.7 g      Dietary Fiber1.7 g      Sugars3.5 g   Protein3.7 g

I solemnly swear to get a manicure tomorrow.

Not sure how we got away with having the best weather in the world this week but Luke and I sure enjoyed it. 

We walked up to Starbucks to see Matt's parents for some coffee and so they could school me in not being a total distaster.  I totally lucked out in the "in law" situation.  Donna and Billy Hires are the most incredibly loving people I've ever met.  They give and give and give.  I take and take and take.  They have a lot to teach me about being less selfish.  I have a lot to teach them about pop culture.  It's embarrasing how much they have to learn.

 First lesson, Ke$ha.  Okay, maybe we won't start there.

My parents had seen the picture I'd posted yesterday of my house and wanted to come over for an intervention.  Just kidding, they don't read the blog and just knew I was probably due for my quarterly organizing intervention.  Like the rock stars they are they whipped my stuff into order in one fell swoop.  My mom even did my dishes.  And if you are a juicer, then you know your sink can get smelly if you leave that in there.  My mom knows now.

Only my mom can get a sink that clean.

While we were getting rid of stuff and getting things back in order I found this and really think it's time for another intervention of the hoarding kind.  I need lots of people to tell Matthew Hires that this is not worth anything.  No amount of time can pass where it will and there is no one on eBay that is willing to pay $1 for this print.  There is something about it that just screams, "Lion King".  Oh wait.  Yup, we own something that commemorates "The Lion King". 

Please tell me you own something that is equally embarrassing and we can have a garage sale together as a joke to see who buys what.  That actually sounds kind of fun.


  1. Sounds like a delicious recipe for peanut butter! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes! Anytime I can share my weird love for peanut butter I'm game.