Thursday, March 7, 2013

This post will get you high. On sugar.

My self proclaimed "mental health day" was much needed.  After absorbing the youth and energy from high school kids I had some fun things to do that are much easier to do when everyone else is working.  Like a morning run (oh how I missed thee).  Like drinking coffee on my porch with my dog.  Like heading down into the two lane traffic nightmare known as MacDill after 5pm. 

Thank you Datz for creating the most wonderful food.  I had a birthday to commemorate and wanted to bring a slice to the birthday girl of the best Tampa has to offer.  If anyone was wondering where they can find 2 foot tall slices of birthday cake, Datz is where it is at.   Their cupcakes looked rapturing as well. 

I didn't buy this type for her (she's 6 and doesn't have a taste for bourbon yet) but I found Matt's birthday cake.  Last year he got Guinness Chocolate Cake and I'm pretty sure he will like this 1,000 times more. 

My dog needs a spa day.  Like yesterday.  He's so furry and wonderful though and we played like children in the backyard with an old soccer ball for a long time.  I sent this photo to Matt and he said he looked like a fawn.  Those legs just crack me up.  He doesn't know what to do with them.

And you'd think with a whole morning to do whatever the what I wanted to do I'd tackle my organization problem.  When you live in a house that Ken and Barbie would find too small, you'd know that cleaning and organizing requires shuffling around your junk so you can reach the places you need to clean and organize.  This photo is stressing me out. 

Does someone want to come paint my cabinets for me? Please?

And I have a warning for the people of Tampa.  The Lord tried to bless me recently and someone living here destroyed His blessing.  I want you to look out for her.

She looks sweet and kind but she is kind of terrible and doesn't care about your health or well being.

The whole story.....

At the Gasparilla Expo I picked up two bags because I signed up for two races.  This is celebration inducing because when expo workers see two bags you get free stuff for each bag.  So I knew I'd get twice the free stuff.  This is very exciting when you don't have that many exciting things happen to you.  I was really amped up to see everyone carrying around Biscoff spread because I love Biscoff cookies.  I hoard them from Delta flights and always make Matt say "yes, I'd like more" to the stewardess so I can have them for my stash.  It's a little crazy but I love them so much.  And I didn't know what this spread was but I knew I'd like it and I knew I'd get two jars for free.  However I couldn't find it anywhere and conceded to let the idea sink in that they'd run out. 

Little did I know that the Lord was watching out for me and knew I couldn't handle it.

Until yesterday when Camille ruined everything.

Camille and I share a very ugly office that needed painting so we met up to get it done.  There were some things leftover from our 20K for FCA run that hadn't been put away including two of the expo bags.  Inside each bag was the elusive Biscoff spread.  Camille said I had to try it because it was the grossest thing she'd ever had.  Obviously this means you open it right away and stick your finger in it like a caveman.  But we did and then proceeded to eat half the jar.  Think candy in the form of a spread. 

About halfway through we decided that it was the best thing and only the worst because of how bad it was for us. 

Then we opened the other jar so instead of saying we ate an entire jar of Biscoff spread, we ate half. 

Of two jars. 

It makes sense if you don't think about it. 

So the moral of the story is if Camille tells you something is gross... please walk away from her because she is about to ruin everything.


  1. Haha. I'm assuming it's like cookie butter at Trader Joe's. Oh my yum.

    1. You HAD to go there. I'm sorry, Trader Joe's is allergic to Tampa and I've never tried their infamous Cookie Butter. Just rub it in.