Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Early mornings and sleepless nights.

I sent an email to my boss last night at 3:38am saying I would not be coming into work Downtown today.  I couldn't get to sleep, my mind would not turn off and this was coming off of an exhausting day.  So weird.

 I also knew I had to get up and be at Hillsborough High School at dawn for a Bible study that the FCA kids do every Wednesday.  Starbucks was on my way and a necessity. 

6:58 REQUIRES espresso.

These kids are awesome.  It was really cold, really early, and they were so excited to be there.  The leader of the group hit traffic on the way and literally walked up and began the study without a breath.  It was inspiring to see such responsibility and leadership at this age.  Color me impressed.  He spoke about Gideon and finding strength in the Lord when we want to rely so much on our own strength.  Hello.  I'd hardly slept, my face was swollen from morning-ness (a real condition), and it was so cold I was crying (does anyone else's eyes do that in the cold?).  I was a walking example of relying on my own strength.  

A big part of my job with FCA is to raise money so leaders in high school clubs can go to leadership camp.  If anyone would like to sponsor a student, let me know and I'll give you the information.  Think of how high schools can change if students are taught how to lead effectively and with love.  It gives me chills. 

You know what else gives me chills?  How these kids look so happy without coffee.

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