Monday, April 8, 2013

Namaste come back here.

Monday came too quickly.  I don't know why I get up at 5:30am for runs on Monday because they are always the worst but I keep telling myself I'm working on my mental game and I am a mental 5 year old when it comes to pushing myself.  Today's run was a tough one mentally.  I wanted to crawl back in bed for another hour so bad but I sucked it up and leashed up my adorable pup for the morning air.  I was probably so tired from my weekend wake ups.  I am pretty sure that the only reason I got up at 6am on a Saturday to run my dog and go to spin class was this below.  I had pretty amazing company but it was her idea to go to the earlier class so I was still mad about that. 

That is a salted caramel tea latte with soy milk and it is the greatest drink on the planet that doesn't come with tequila.  When Oxford Exchange first opened I probably stopped in a least 3 times a week to get one from TeaBella and then I realized I didn't want to be poor all week and stopped going.  But it would have been worth it.  I'd forgotten how good it was. 

This place makes me want to get home right away and polish up my silver and buy a leather couch. 

This face makes me want to cuddle all day long on the couch.

Another Tampa spot that feels very "un-Tampa" is the Hard Rock Casino.  I'd never been but was meeting some friends for dinner and it was crazy crowded and felt like Las Vegas.  Parking was free and it was pretty fun, a good place to people watch too.  I counted more than 15 dresses made of sequins so that made me realize I was still in Tampa. 

This wall of flames was pretty sweet.

Sunday evening yoga in the park is one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  It is beautiful, and you leave feeling so refreshed and relaxed and I just love it.  It was kind of warm yesterday but it cooled off as the sun went down.  There was a yoga DJ there last night and it. was. awesome.  Usually they play "new age-y yoga music" during the practice which I've never minded but last night was a great change of pace.  He played a remix of "Skinny Love" that was so good.  It was a fun twist and I wondered how many strange looks he gets when telling people he is a yoga DJ.  That is like the polar opposite of a regular DJ.

My hot babe of a friend had never been before but she sweat it out with me and loved it.  She also needs to stop working on the weekends and pay more attention to me when we hang out though. 

I wish I could bottle up how I feel after yoga and drink it up when I'm feeling stressed and need a boost.  I used to be anti-yoga (mostly because I'd never done it and you kind of just stand/lie/twist and that didn't seem worth my time- I was a cardio girl all the way) but now I'm so on board, it's little obsessive. 
Or maybe I'm just getting old. 

Today is super busy.  I have a club meeting at Plant and this afternoon is our annual FCA Golf Tournament at Westchase where I basically clean up after the actual golfers because I know absolutely nothing about the sport.  I do know I should wear a white polo and plaid if I want to blend in.  I'll try to find a visor too. 

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