Friday, April 5, 2013

De-toxing is hard when you are filled up with toxins.

Yesterday was supremely awful.  The weather wanted to be twinners with the gloom city I was living in and didn't help anything turn around.  It took some good pillow screaming and a sweaty angsty wet run until I felt a little better, not much but it took the edge off of "forget this, I'm done".  And that is a scary edge.

Even on my worst day.....there is still the cross.  Easter, though not being far in the rearview mirror has become too simple to forget.  It is easy to focus on myself and my problems but the cross should never be far from our minds.  Too incredible of a sacrifice for me to wallow in self pity for a minute and oh how many minutes I've done just that.  Thank you Jesus for allowing yourself to be sacrificed so that my pitifulness can still be redeemed.  That is so awesome. 

I don't want my loved ones to make any conclusions about the coincidence that I was already planning on making the following prior to my bad day.  I don't turn to alcohol to feel better (usually) and I am not endorsing that idea either. 

With that said, two bottles of vodka were staring me down from the counter and I knew it was time to put together my annual batch of strawberry vodka.  It's unbelievably easy to make and so so so good.  I'm not a huge "liquor" person (except expensive tequila, oh yum), and I like my beer crafty and cold but this is so good mixed with some lemonade, it's like drinking up summer.  I'll have the whole she-bang up soon but it takes about a week to make correctly.  Please never buy flavored vodka.  It's full of chemical flavoring that taste like actual chemical flavorings and is so gross.  This comes out bright red and sweet and tastes like strawberry.  Imagine that. 

I've got one big bag of fresh strawberries left and I'm trying to use them up before they turn mushy.  The above activity used less than I thought it would so I juiced some this morning to use more. 

Deep dark secret?  I loathe beets.  Yes, I eat them all the time and want to like them so badly but it just is never going to happen for me.  But they are good for cleansing your body of toxins and I'm downright toxic after yesterday so I knew I needed a beet (or 10 of them).  This was the perfect elixer of one fairly large beet, grapefruit, strawberries, and a pear.  I don't know why that grapefruit looks like an orange.  It wasn't.  Grapefruit mixed with the beet juice is the only way I can stomach them.  It turns down the beet-i-ness a lot.

As much as I don't like beets, the color they give juice turns my frown upside down.  There is just something about drinking hot pink juice that makes me happy. 

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