Wednesday, May 15, 2013

100 posts!

Yesterday was my 100th post which is not very exciting in itself but I had a very exciting day.  Work has been so busy lately which is good, Pinteresting at work can fill a time void but it makes you very hungry.  After work, I had to take Matt to the airport for a short trip, a spin class to tackle, and hanging out with a group of friends. 

Fun story.

So we are all eating and chatting and one of my friends wants to take a group picture of everyone.  Um.  Group pictures are one of my favorite things ever, so yes. 

So everyone crowds around each other on the couch, 1.....2.....Samantha's pregnant!

Her husband then taped every one's reaction.  It was precious.  Her name isn't Samantha, but it is not official to the public yet so I don't want to spill the baby news prematurely. 

It was such a fun idea and I am so excited for them. 

I had to leave early so I could walk my little dog who had been cooped up in the house all day AND had gotten a bath (so it was a very sad day in Lukedom). 

I found myself asking him if he'd rather have free range chicken or cage free turkey with his veggies and fruits for dinner.  In that moment I realized how absurd I am.  My dog eats better than a majority of the world and sometimes me on a bad day. 

For the record.  He chose the chicken. 

Also, for the record.  Matt didn't ONLY clean my car of love bugs but also fixed our lawn mower using the power of his mind and the Internet.  Throw in two trips to Home Depot and he saved us $300. 

For my 100th post I'm going to do a circuit after work that is pretty tough and adds up to 100.  Clever.

25 sliding mountain climbers (I use paper plates)
25 push ups
25 lunges (each leg)
25 bicycling crunches (each leg)
Repeat 4 times

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