Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hard working people deserve the best car there is

Yesterday I had a FCA staff meeting (update coming soon, lots of exciting things happening!) and my phone was on the conference table while we were meeting.  I have a small group of friends/family all in one group text message and they got on some interesting tangent and my phone buzzed the entire meeting.  I get two notifications for every text so I got 48 text notifications during my meeting.  I'm sure my co workers were very impressed with how popular I am.  Little did they know my friends were discussing the politically incorrect lyrics to "Jesus Loves the Little Children".  Thanks guys. 

I was inspired by Matt's ability to take apart machines and fix them and I fixed our office's laminator machine yesterday.  Someone (maybe it was me) put some plastic through it without the cover.  Oh, the smell.  But, oh, the victory when I fixed it by taking it apart and putting it back together.  I did not feel the same way when I got home to discover (after I'd dumped in the remains of Matt's Famous Coleslaw) that our garbage disposal had said sayonara.  That cabbage is going to be smelling fresh tomorrow. 

PS....this is why I can't have nice things.

Good thing my parents are psychic and bought us a new one for our anniversary (so romantic!).  I can't wait until Matt gets home and can fix it since he's so good at these things now.

As I was catching up on my nightly news right before going to bed (can't stop won't stop)....I couldn't get to sleep because I was audibly laughing so hard at this headline.  Yup, he sure looks cheerful.  Please laugh for me too and tell me you thought it was funny.  I was giggling in my sleep.

And I am so happy for my aunt.  She got a new car.  She drives her cars until there isn't much left to drive and she is tired of running them around Tampa ala Fred Flinstone.  In my life, she has owned two cars, a Volvo station wagon that stopped counting miles after 1,000,000 and the speedometer didn't work anymore and a Toyota Corolla that needed expensive repairs.  Two cars.  (My mom has had 7 cars in my lifetime and is currently on the hunt for a new one.)  And she didn't just get a new car. 

She got the only car.  The best car.  My dream car.  Say hello to her new Prius. 

I'm not jealous at all that she gets to spend $1 a month on gasoline, and everywhere you drive, flowers bloom before your very eyes, and the skies turn blue, and the sun shines, and every time you pull out of your driveway, the GPS sets course for the beach.  

Judging by how I treat my kitchen appliances (I can't even go into my juicer's problems, oui, I can't talk about it yet, too soon).  I definitely need a new Prius.  I didn't just spill my salad dressing on my passenger seat this weekend or anything either and make everyone that rides with me sit on a towel.  I am ready to take good care of stuff Matt. 


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  2. What an ending to a really good day! Thanks for your tribute to me in your blog! I am honored!

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  4. Sorry, I was so excited that I posted my comment 3 times, hence the 2 deletions!