Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A juicing hiatus is OVER.

The craziest thing happened yesterday.....I  had to exchange my juicer for a shiny new one (my old one broke....somehow as tough as it was, it couldn't hold it together long enough to be on the stove while the stove top was on.....womp womp, melted plastic smells like armpits).

 I was starting to get the shakes thinking of life without beet or kale juice so I needed a new one.  On our way, I got a call from my best friend asking for advice on buying her first juicer.  Craziness.  So I then preceded to wax on about juicing for an hour because that is really an interesting topic to listen to.

 Luke was getting scruffier than usual and I knew it was time for my favorite thing.  I am a professional dog stylist if anyone is in need of that service for their scruffy pup.  He loves it too.  He just lays there while I snip away.  I get a crazed sparkle in my eye when it's time to snip.

At spin last night, the teacher played the strangest mix of music.  We started with Chris Brown (barf), transitioned to One Direction, a lil' Taylor Swift, the Beatles, back to 1D, back to The Beatles, throw in some Black Eyed Peas, and some stuff mixed in that I didn't know and you've got yourself stew goin' (not an actual stew....just pumped for AD!!).  It was actually kind of fun.  Pop music unlike Disney tunes are totally my jam.  I used to like the Biebs and I hate to jump on the hater train but wearing sunglasses inside REALLY bothers me.  He seems to do it a lot.  I can deal with overall attitude...I mean come on, the kid is a multi millionaire at 19, I'd probably be a punk too, but wearing sunglasses inside?  Deal breaker.

So heartbreaking to watch the news about the tornadoes in Oklahoma City.  We've been so fortunate in Tampa to not experience that kind of devastation in my lifetime as the people there are going through this morning.  Losing your children would be unreal.  Pray with me for those families waiting for news of their loved ones, that they are safe, that they are rescued, and that they will heal.

Did anyone see the woman who was being interviewed outside of her home expressing her loss when there was a slight whimpering sound coming from the rubble behind her and it was her dog trapped?  He was saved on air.  It was so sweet. 

Also the feed of parents waiting to hear updates from the recovery teams and seeing their kids running to them was so precious.  Life is so fragile.

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