Monday, May 20, 2013

Too much bronzer is not a costume. And I look more like belly dancer.

A totally weird and totally awesome weekend all rolled into one.  Friday night we had an "Office Party" where we all waited to see the final episode and watched it together.  I haven't seen the last two seasons so some surprises were ruined for me when I go back and watch but it was so great.  A great ending indeed.  We had people sign up for food inspired by a character...we brought curry ala Kelly Kippur.  Also enjoyed was some Fettuccine Alfredo (Michael Scott's favorite pre-run carbo loading indulgence) and some Beer Cheese dip (alcohol laden dip inspired by Meredith).  Matt and I dressed up....I put on a lot of bronzer and was looking more Jersey than Kippur.  No one else dressed up.  Yay?

Friday night celebrated my first beer in a month!  Samuel Adams has never tasted so incredible.

I had to get up so early on Saturday to get to middle of nowhere Tampa in time to register shooters for the FCA fundraiser.  I was pretty unsure of the whole thing, and I am definitely not a gun person AT ALL.  There were guns everywhere and I am pretty sure I looked down the barrel of one too many that day.  Gun safety people!  But even though I was scared numerous times of becoming a shooting statistic, I had a lot of fun.  The shooters were really nice and I ended up being a trapper for the day which I learned meant pushing buttons on cues to make the clay things fly into the air. 

The fundraiser honored my bosses' son, Daniel Witt, a police officer who lost his battle with cancer last month.  So many people came out whose lives were touched by his struggles and victories in life and in death.  He left behind a wife and two kids, please keep the Witt family in your prayers as they navigate life without their son, husband, and father.  Life can be unbearable sometimes. 

This was a gun safety instruction class for first time shooters.  I wish they had been paying more attention.

And I found the hog sleeping beside one of our trucks.  Where am I?

My station for the day.  Very serene except for the guns going off for 3 hours.

I am not a napper.  I never nap and am very anxious sleeping during the day but I got home from the range and slept until 5pm.  So great.  Then I had dinner, watched a movie, and went back to bed at 9pm.  I feel very rested.  But it made for a strange day.

Matt agreed to come with me to yoga in the park last night and I'm not sure if he loved it as much as I do but I was so glad he came.  He also took me to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and it was the best date ever.  Two of my favorite things in the world.

As we were leaving we saw the greatest thing.  About a hundred people wearing only underwear and a white button down shirt arriving at the park just as we were leaving.  It was amazing.  Apparently Pabst sponsored a group ride from Ybor called the "Risky Business" ride.  You had to wear underwear, socks, Ray-Bans, and white shirts to participate.  So glad we got to see all of those bare legs.  So funny.

On my walk with my pup this morning, we saw the most beautiful sunrise over one of the churches in my hood.  Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful sky this morning.

Today starts a week that I hope flies by.  It is my Dad's and one of my best friend's birthdays this weekend and we are all going to the river to party it up.  I get way to excited about communal living.

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