Friday, May 31, 2013

A very dirty post...about our yard. Gotcha!

It's for certain, we need to plant some grass in our front yard.  Mowing just stirs up the dirt and all we are actually mowing is weeds.  I say "we" but it is usually Matt.

Exhibit A:

Matt isn't tan, just dirty
 We are having a memorial service for Matt's aunt this weekend and his grandparents came to town to support the family.  They are treasures.  "Mama Gran" makes some killer apple pie too and made one for us to enjoy last night.  She even makes her own pie crust which deserves some sparkly mansion in heaven, making pie crust from scratch is not for the weak. 

Matt's brother and his girlfriend are coming to stay with us this weekend which gives me another taste of communal living.  Looooooooove it so much.  

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