Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holy heat stroke. Back to the gym.

All of my June ailments have ceased (back pain, cold, stitches) and I felt so ready to run yesterday.  It has been two weeks of walking and I was afraid I'd be miserable so I uploaded a shiny new play list, found a good treadmill work out from here, prayed I hadn't lost any running fitness,  and ended up loving every second of it.  It would have been 1000x better if I'd been outside but Florida gets pretty steamy in the summer and until Matt digs out a pool in our backyard, this treadmill is going to be a new BFFS (best friend for summer). 

PS, our gym just got this new treadmill and it not only gives you an incline option but also a decline option.  Hello, hills in Tampa.
 Matt hadn't tried the miracle of fresh pineapple juice yet and he definitely had to because it is the most delicious juice there is.  Mixed with a half of a beet and ginger, it was divine.  I added a skinned lime too which was perfect.  Feels/smells like you are on vacation.  Unless you just ran and really smell sweaty.  Then it smells like you are on a mission trip.

Dinner last night was butternut squash tacos (if you've never had them at Taco Bus, go there today and order it) but we both felt like taco salads which worked perfectly and we watched Arrested Development while eating (Happy Cinco de Cuatro!) so it just felt right.  I made the corn salsa from last week again but added half of a jalapeno this time around.  I also remembered to buy an avocado which was delicious.   Matt cut and cleaned out the squash for me and I seasoned it with garlic and salt/pepper before roasting it for 45 minutes at 425.  Once cooled, I cut it into pieces and sauteed it with taco seasoning on the stove.

Price comparison:  Ground round at Publix was on sale this week for $3.99/pound.  This butternut squash was .79/pound at the farmer's market (not on sale).  I rest my case. 

For this weeks taco night I bought some orange bell pepper, jalapeno and avocado to change things up from last week's taco night.  Matt added ranch dressing to his but I added nothing but sriracha and it was perfecto. 

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