Thursday, June 13, 2013

An early celebration of a great Dad.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart my parents got me a case of my favorite beer which only comes in huge liter size bottles.  I happily consumed the case but it was annoying that I couldn't just have one bottle and HAD to drink the whole liter <--sacrifice, I know.  I have a special place in my heart for brown ales (and red ales, and pale ales, and IPAs, and stouts, and everything).

This is NOT a gimmicky flavored beer.  It is just a good beer.

At Gino's last night, they had these miniature, normal sized bottles which were perfect.  Where can I find these to buy Rogue??

Gino's has a pretty stellar happy hour.....all American craft beers (bottled, and they have a very extensive list and it includes some really high gravity beers if that's your thang) for $2.50 a bottle.  Since we are going to be away this weekend, we got to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad early and Gino's is his favorite place.
Happy Father's Day!

When we got home, the coconut oil fairy had stopped by our house.  Seriously, next time the coconut oil co-op orders you should get in on it.  Such a good deal for raw, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin, local (every buzz word in the foodie handbook and I made up the local part...does Tampa grow coconuts?) coconut oil.  I think my three jars were $15.   One jar of the good kind is around $8-12 at Whole Foods. 

The bonus is that burglars stay away because they think the jars are full of pee and no ones wants to rob a house that stocks mason jars full of urine.

And if you have never played Citadels, you are missing out on all the nerdy action going on.  Such a fun game.  Even more fun if you have friends that laugh at all of your jokes.  Then living is way more fun too.  And don't be fooled by the healthy sweet snacks going on.  There were lollipops fresh from Valentine's Day passed around as well. 

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