Thursday, June 27, 2013

There's an oil for that.

Yesterday, Matt's flight was delayed and he'd end up missing his connecting flight so I had to go back to the airport to pick him up about three hours after I'd dropped him off. 

When I dropped him off it was storming, rain and lightning, really terrible weather.....

(I follow all of my local news personalities on Twitter like some kind of grown up fan girl.  My favorite traffic guru, Meredith Consuelos, posted this picture from Talia Landman.)

 But when I picked him up, the sky was clear, it was cool, the sun was shining and it was beautiful.  Summer afternoons in Tampa are pretty temperamental. 

So while I got sad dropping him off the first time, I was so stoked to have him come home, even for just one more night.  Too bad we slept through the early alarms set for this morning to get to the airport and had to get ready in 15 minutes so he could make his flight.

About a month ago, I'd been making fun of a friend and hurt my back.  I wish I'd been scaling a waterfall, or saving a toddler from getting hit by a car, but alas, I was injured via sarcastic dancing.  The pain went away but could have been brought back from the long time spent in the van for our road trip, my falling like an idiot in Lynchburg, or the spin class of death last Saturday.

I made an appointment for a chiropractor for Monday but my mother in law wanted me to try some essential oils until then to see if it eased the pain.  She has had loads of success with essential oils and while I'm not really convinced that they aren't just another fantastic pyramid scheme, they are much cheaper than visiting the chiropractor. 

For the pain, she recommended peppermint oil and another blend of oils for relief.  I guess I bought cheap peppermint oil (Whole Foods brand was $10.99, Aura Cacia brand <--the good stuff, was $27.99, Young Living brand <--you can't get at a store, must order through a rep or have a membership, $28.99) , and I bought the the Whole Foods version because everything they do is awesome and it was more than half the price of the others. 

Turns out that maybe their peppermint oil isn't as awesome because it did squat. 

Did my back all of a sudden turn icy?  Yup.

Did I smell like a peppermint patty?  Yup. 

Did I rub it on my dogs head, so he too would smell of candy?  Yup. 

Did my back still throb?  Yup.

So you if want a cooling sensation and smell like the North Pole, this oil has got you covered.  If your back hurts from doing something dumb, move along.  My MIL is bringing me some expensive oils to try and see if that makes a difference today. 

Next up was a really awesome condition that I inherited.  It's called spider veins and they are really beautiful.  Like the tattoo of the River Nile that I never wanted.  Lemongrass oil is supposed to help and because my mama gifted the beautifully colorful veins to me, she also so generously gifted the essential oil.  If it works, it's cheaper than the treatment for these.  Probably a lot less painful too.  Woof.

Is there an oil to get rid of spiders?  I saw this guy in our bathroom last night and by the time I ran to get something to smack him with, he had gone back into his hiding place.  Please tell me he is a good spider that eats all of the other spider (that's what my dad used to tell me about the GIGANTIC brown spiders that lived in my room in Lutz).

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