Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweat-tacular Summer

Day two update on the essential oils...
My MIL dropped off the expensive oils yesterday (Young Living Peppermint and Young Living Panaway- a blend of oils) and sad to say, they have made no difference so far in the pain in my back.  Like, zero difference.  The strange thing is I have family that was taking serious pain medication for pain in their backs and the oils have allowed them to stop taking the medication all together.  The level of pain I'm feeling is NO WHERE close to the level of what they've experienced and have had no success.  I'm going to keep using them until my appointment on Monday but if there is no relief then, I'm going to a chiropractor for an x-ray and adjustment. 
Matt gets home today and thus kicks off "summer" for the Hires' family.  He will be home all month which is rare.  I asked him to make a list of stuff we had to do and he didn't so I am.  I love lists. 
1.)  Dog Beach at Ft. Desoto.
Luke loves this place but the last time we went he pooped on someones foot (I KNOW.) and I've been too embarrassed to show our faces back there again.
2.) Beach camping in Ft. Desoto.
I thought I'd sworn off camping forever but it's pretty much the only way we can take Luke places and it would be nice to be able to hand with our dog on the beach and then go hang out around a campfire afterwards with our buds.  Maybe convincing our buds to go camping in July will be tough though.
3.) Brewery Tour at Cigar City.
The tour is $5 and Matt's gone twice and I've gone a big fat zero times.  You get a free glass with beer in it too with your tour fee. 
4.)  Beach Running.
I run on the beach once a year over Labor Day weekend when we have a sweet beach condo, thanks for my beautiful aunt and uncle.  It is one of my favorite places to run and really humbles you.  And you get to jump in the pool right afterwards, or the ocean if you are feeling wild. 
5.)  Fireworks on the beach.
Normally we watch the fireworks from our neighborhood which is actually is lame as it sounds.  This year we are going to the beach and watching them with sand in our toes and sparklers in our hands.
6.)  Homemade BBQ sauce.
I've mentioned making my own before but because I want lots of grilled vegetables this month, I want to cover them in a sauce not made with garbage.  I am very very very open to your recipe.
100% delicious, 100% sugar*  *not really but almost
7.)  Operation Front Yard.
This is a multi faceted project that consists of painting the porch, porch stairs, porch benches, columns, and roof line.  It also entails sanding those lovely rockers we bought last week, and planting some things in our front beds.  We have plans to plant grass in our front yard too because we hear that is what people do in 99% of the USA.  The painting probably won't take place until the Fall/Winter so the paint can cure but the rest is ready for July.  Part of this project is actually enjoying our porch so I'm going to start expermimenting with some oils for a natural bug spray. 

8.)  Get your butt to spin.

I bought a package of classes at Soho Cycling last weekend when they were on sale (holla!) and I intend to use every single one this month.  Nothing whips me into shape like spin classes do and with it being so blaze-tastic outside, spinning trumps running.

9.) Lutz 4th of July 5K.

I wanted to do it last year but chickened out because of the heat.  Hopefully I can convince my dad I'm really fun to run with and he'll run with me.

I feel like there should be a 10th thing but I don't want to over commit so I'll stick with 9. 

Happy Summer!

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