Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Ah-Ha moment about living spontaneously.

Trying to fit in a week's worth of life into three days is taxing.  But kind of fun if you are into a frantic, spur of the moment, spontaneous lifestyle.  Under any other circumstances, I am not, I love schedules and having everyday meet my expectation of what was on my calender, but going with the flow has been good for me the past few days.  Busy, but good.

I made some poblano and white bean soup on Monday which was a very good decision as it was rainy and dark outside and probably the only day of any Florida summer that hot soup on the couch while watching Game of Thrones sounded wonderful.  It was pretty brothy too and not a creamy soup so it wasn't too terrible for a summer dinner.
I had no recipe but just added intuitively as I went along...

Poblano with White Bean soup:

One poblano pepper chopped (I kept the seeds, it wasn't spicy)
One big can of small white beans (cannellini beans would be great in this)
One chopped onion
5 chopped garlic cloves
The pulp from some kale juice (not necessary, I was just itching to not feel so wasteful)
Water to your desired consistency (or some kind of broth would be great, I never keep any in the house)
one teaspoon of onion powder
one teaspoon of garlic powder
one and half tablespoons of taco seasoning (I make my own taco seasoning and am heavy handed on the cumin, if you use store bought, you should add a teaspoon because it is delicious).

Cook vegetables on med high heat until onions are translucent.  Add seasonings, stir.  Add beans and water and bring to a boil.   Simmer for one hour.  Add salt to taste.  And add fresh corn.  Always add fresh corn. 

We ALWAYS top our soups.  Always.  That is the best part. Sriracha, green onions, red onions, corn, parsley, cilantro, whatever.

I was so proud of my bright green smoothie.  I may have showed some people this picture at Cigar City last night because I was so pumped about it.  Queen of cool, that's me.

Adding beets sometimes turns juice brown when mixed with kale, and while I like it, it is not pleasant to look at.  This is beautiful.  Health.  In a cup.  A beer cup.

Three stalks of kale with stems, one green apple, one lime, and an inch of ginger

If you live in Tampa, like beer, and have never been to Cigar City, I am so sorry for you. 

I had just gotten back from a long day at work, a long blasted hour at the spin gym, and rush hour at the grocery store.  I was smelly, stressed, and tired.  I think Matt was actually surprised when I said "YES" to going back out to get some flights at Cigar City Brewery.  Yes, yes, yes. 

From the left, Strawberry White Ale, Lemon Cake Lager, Cucumber Saison, Nitro Hornsboggled
 If you like Abita Strawberry Ale (I do), CC's white ale is similar in that it tastes like actual strawberries are used.  It actually tasted like strawberries juiced into a beer.  It was really good.

The lemon cake actually tasted like Lemon Cake.  I was puzzled with how they did that.  And the other two were favorite standbys. 

Part of the sweet serendipity of the whole trip was a random tweet to an old friend that we were heading towards the bar, and that it would be amazing if he could meet us.  And he did.

If you want to laugh, hang out with someone that knew you in high school.  Be ready to laugh at your own expense.

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