Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jump on the kale train.

On Sunday, we went to a potluck birthday party for a friend and it was amazing.  Not only because of the loveliest of company but amazing looking food. 

I say amazing "looking" because I was rude and didn't try all of it but those grilled wings, stuffed shells, and HOMEMADE Raspberry Chocolate cake looked/smelled incredible.  I feasted on mountains of fruit, kale salad, and three different hummus options (heaven).

 I got the recipe for the Kale salad with Tahini dressing from here...and it was really good.  At least I thought it was.  I like tahini (ground sesame seeds) though.  If you don't, peanut butter would probably be deliciously Thai tasting. 

Kale Salad 101.  Make sure you either massage the kale or let it sit for a while after putting the dressing on or it will be bitter and hard to eat. 
Would probably feed 4-6 people, but for a potluck, it served around 10-12 smaller portions.

Kale deserves a close up.
From my last grocery trip, I also got lots to juice.  And we've only made one juice.  I've been working more hours this week because of other people going on vacation (rude) and our FOUR DAY holiday coming up (not rude) and usually by the time I get home it's dinner time and no mid day juice snack. 

This one had loads of kale in it so it was a nasty brown color once it was all mixed up but it looked super fun before that.  Despite it looking like a mud milkshake, it was tasty.

Rainbow Juice:

One green apple
Two bunches of kale.  That's right, TWO.
Three carrots
Little piece of ginger
One small beet

This turned out looking pretty gross once I'd mixed it up, so I poured it into our pint glasses and pretended it was a stout.

The first meal from this weeks trip to the market was grilled veggies and BBQ vinaigrette.  I'm sure there is a more sophisticated way to make vinaigrette but all I did was put about a quarter cup of BBQ sauce in to a jar, a teaspoon of honey, and a half cup of apple cider vinegar.  It was super spicy so I added about a 1/8 of a cup of some ranch dressing for Matt's. 

Can we take a moment and appreciate how amazing vegetables are when grilled?

Dressed and ready.

Whole Foods had some of their essential oils on sale and I went a little crazy.  It was a good crazy because the ones that were on sale were the ones that are in a couple different bug spray recipes I'm going to try. 

Grapefruit, German Chamomile, Citronella, Cedar wood, Clove, Lemongrass, Lavender

I guess I thought the chamomile would smell like tea but IT DOES NOT.  Maybe because I got the "German" chamomile?  Not sure but I smelled like a big fat cigar.  Either that or they accidentally poured Tobacco Oil into the bottle. 

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