Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cat naps after night caps....say that 10x fast.

Tampa must be going through a red lentil shortage.  The farmer's market has been out for two weeks, Whole Foods in South Tampa and North Tampa were cleaned out and I was about to give up on my recipe for Indian dal that I love so much.  Alas.  The fancy Publix in Lutz has a grand Greenwise section and their bulk section was shining like Katy Perry in the Hello Kitty outlet.  Phew, crisis averted.

If your grocery store has a bulk section, see if they carry anything that you normally buy prepackaged.  Normally, you can get the same amount of organic bulk goods for the same or less of the prepackaged option.  These beauties were 2.29/pound and Publix carries a box of Bob's Red Mill red lentils for $6/1 pound, 11 ounces. 

Indian dal......below veggies/spices, 4 cups of water, one can of coconut milk, salt to taste. 

We had the privilege of visiting some friends last night who just had a baby girl.  So precious and I'm not a baby person.  I even held her while she cooed.  Our friends are super classy and we listened to jazz music over dinner and finished the evening with port.  Can I do that every night?

If jazz music and dessert wine isn't in my future, pup snugglin' is.  It has been to long since I've posted the second love of my life.  Anyone else have a massive dog that curls up into the teeniest little ball to sleep?  He is becoming very cat-like. 

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